Apple Watch Ultra vs Garmin Fenix 7: New Rugged Smartwatch King?

Apple Watch Ultra vs Garmin Fenix 7

This time Apple Watch Series 8 is not alone in the warzone of smartwatches. Series 8 bought something with it as a frontline to withstand harsh and extreme environments. After a year of rumors, Apple finally developed a rugged and premium smartwatch, which they named Apple Watch Ultra. Its new design and bigger display can take your exploration and outdoor activities even further. Moreover, the Apple Watch Ultra has something that you see only on Garmin.

Apple Watch Ultra vs Garmin Fenix 7

By providing advanced features, Apple appears to be competing with Garmin. To know how advanced the Apple Watch Ultra is, we are going to compare it with the famous and durable smartwatch, Garmin Fenix 7. So, without further ado, let’s begin. 


Apple Watch Ultra comes in a semi-rounded rectangular with a flat sapphire display instead of the round edges that we have seen in the previous models. The digital crown is now larger, and the side button is raised from the case, making them easier to use even while wearing gloves. The Watch Ultra has a new action button that can give you quick and physical control over a variety of functions.

On the other hand, Garmin Fenix 7 comes in a rounded solar-charged touch display with 5 physical buttons to give you full flexibility and the ability to use it in extreme conditions. Moreover, the Fenix 7 is bright enough to deliver stats even under sunlight.

At this point, Apple Watch Ultra comes with a surprise because it has the brightest display ever compared to other smartwatches. With up to 2000 nits brightness at its peak, you can see every workout metric and detail-packed watch faces pretty easily. Anyway, Apple’s new rugged smartwatch now features three brand new straps with a unique approach, which are the Alpine loop, Trail loop, and Ocean band. Furthermore, Both watches are water resistant for up to 100meters and have an IP6X dustproof rating. 

Performance and Features

The Apple Watch Ultra comes with every powerful tracking sensor that you get in the Series 8. Even Garmin Fenix 7 also has those sensors, including heart rate, blood oxygen, temperature, and many more. But there are some differences in activity tracking features. You can find them on Garmin Fenix 7 but not on the Apple Watch Ultra.

Moreover, Apple always provides the best heart rate sensor, and now we have their third-generation optical heart rate sensor in Watch Ultra along with ECG. Apple also added a temperature sensor, which is a big feature for woman’s health tracking. But this can be used for all kinds of activities and health checks. Whereas, Garmin has a thermometer, which actually is not that accurate.

Apple Watch Ultra Performance and Features
Garmin Fenix 7 Performance and Features

Accurate Tracking

One of the best things you can find on Garmin is their GPS and accurate tracking, and Apple needed to exactly hit that spot. With Apple Watch Ultra, they actually did it. They came with dual-frequency GPS in a new antenna design for greater range and incredible power efficiency. You can get marvelous accuracy and precise metrics. Not only that, you can use the new action button to add waypoints to find your way back. Somehow, if you forgot to set waypoints, no worries, the Apple Watch Ultra automatically starts tracking for Wayback. There is something that you can not find on other smartwatches yet, which is the 86-decibel siren, Sonic salvation. You can use this if you get lost, injured, or need to attract attention, all you have to do is hold the action button. This siren can be heard up to 600 feet or 180 meters away. Plus, Apple partnered with renowned underwater innovators Huish Outdoors to deliver you a full-featured dive computer on your wrist. 

Both Apple Watch Ultra and Garmin Fenix 7 have accelerometers, but Apple Watch Ultra has a high-g accelerometer, which not only detects falls while running or cycling but also car crashes too and provides your location to dispatchers as well as your emergency contacts.

Accurate Tracking


Right now, Apple Watch Ultra sits atop Apple’s smartwatch lineup, which goes exactly the opposite direction of the word known as affordable. And, it’s like Series 8 just came from the GYM with a 49mm case! The Watch Ultra is more rugged and durable.

Whereas, the Garmin Fenix 7 is already durable and comes in three different sizes, 42mm, 47mm, and 51mm. Both watches feature materials like titanium and sapphire.

Garmin Fenix 7 is already durable and comes in three different sizes, 42mm, 47mm, and 51mm


  • The Apple Watch Ultra gets more space for a bigger battery due to the thicker case. Now the question is exactly how much bigger?

Well, Apple said you would get up to 36 hours from a single charge, and in low-power mode, you will get up to 60 hours. And this is really a huge improvement compared to the previous Apple smartwatches but compared to Garmin Fenix 7, it’s nothing. Because Garmin Fenix 7 can survive for up to 28 days on a single charge and up to 37 days with solar. Even while GPS is on it can deliver up to 89 hours.

Garmin Fenix 7 battery life can survive for up to 28 days on a single charge and up to 37 days with solar. Even while GPS is on it can deliver up to 89 hours.

Wrapping Up

  • Apple Watch Ultra vs Garmin Fenix 7: Which is Better? 

“In short, both Apple Watch Ultra and Garmin Fenix 7 are extremely durable. They also have some similar features, in some cases, Apple Watch Ultra wins, and in some cases, Fenix 7. However, Apple Watch Ultra has some interesting features that Garmin should bring to their smartwatches.
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