Apple Homepod 2 vs Amazon Echo Studio: Which One Should You Get?

Apple Homepod 2 vs Amazon Echo Studio

Apple discontinued its HomePod back in March 2021. Recently, After the discontinuation of the HomePod series, Apple has reintroduced the HomePod in its updated version, the HomePod 2! Boasting a more powerful processor, advanced smart home capabilities, and Apple’s promise of exceptional acoustics, the HomePod 2 aims to earn its five-star reputation once again. HomePod 2 has been redesigned entirely, and there is a common thought about its competition. And Amazon’s Echo Studio is the closest competitor of Apple’s HomePod 2 from the perspective of all tech-savvy people. 

Apple Homepod 2 vs Amazon Echo Studio

Amazon’s Echo Studio comes in and stands as the closest rival of HomePod 2. Though the Echo Studio has struggled with the previous HomePod model, now it’s a formidable competitor of the new HomePod 2 with its latest software updates, compatibility, and prices.

Here, we will pit the Apple Homepod 2 vs Amazon Echo Studio against each other in a battle of smart speakers and let you know which one should you get! 


When it comes to design, the HomePod 2 retains the cylindrical form of its predecessor and is encased in a fabric material made entirely of recycled materials. The top features a backlit display with capacitive buttons extending from edge to edge and weighs a mere 5.16 pounds.

On the other hand, Amazon Echo Studio boasts a sturdier, cylindrical shape and is available in either charcoal or glacier-white fabric. Though slightly larger in size, it is a little heavier than the HomePod 2.

Amazon Echo Studio vs Apple Homepod 2 design

Audio & Features 

Your smart speaker probably serves a variety of purposes, such as playing music, answering questions, setting reminders, checking the weather, and more. So let’s talk about the audio and features of these two speakers.

The HomePod 2 will surprise you with a high‑excursion woofer that brings a deep, rich bass. And it has an array of five beamforming tweeters around its base. They optimize high frequencies to produce detailed, articulate audio with stunning clarity. So you can enjoy crystal-clear vocals and all the details of the instruments.

In contrast, the Echo Studio has three, 51-millimeter midrange speakers, one 20-millimeter tweeter, and a 133-millimeter woofer with bass aperture. So, It also gives you a forward sound with greater width, clarity, and presence.

Compatibility & Accessibility

In terms of compatibility and accessibility, the HomePod comes with room-sensing technology that automatically understands its location in a room and tunes sound accordingly, so you’ll enjoy the best listening experience possible no matter where it’s placed. And if you want to explore more than Apple Music, like other third-party apps for music, news, podcasts, and phone calls, the HomePod amplifies your favorite listening experiences. No doubt, it works seamlessly with Siri and lets you have stable access to all the HomeKit accessories.

By contrast, the Echo Studio analyzes the acoustics of the room and continuously adjusts audio filters during music playback regardless of its placement. The best thing is, Echo Studio supports a wide range of music streaming services like Amazon Music, Apple Music, Spotify, Tidal, Deezer, Pandora, SiriusXM, iHeartRadio, TuneIn, and all others.

Of course, it works perfectly with the Alexa app and all Alexa-enabled products, allowing you to get the best out of your smart home! 

Final Verdict

  • Amazon Echo Studio vs Apple Homepod 2: Which One is the best?

In short – “It’s pretty clear that the newly released HomePod 2 will strive to regather its throne with advanced features, a robust processor, enhanced smart home capabilities, and superior acoustics as claimed by Apple.”

  • Alternatively, the Echo Studio is Amazon’s best-performing smart speaker to date with its recent, noticeable software updates. You can choose the HomePod 2 if you’re from the fanbase of Apple’s ecosystem.
  • However, if you’re looking for a smart speaker that’s affordable and price-worthy, you should consider Amazon Echo Studio. Ultimately, it’s your call!
Samiul Haque

Samiul Haque

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