Reasons Why You Need a HomeKit Smart Home

Reasons Why You Need a HomeKit Smart Home?

There are a lot of chances and reasons that will let you think twice “Why You Need A HomeKit Smart Home.” Because the ecosystem, devices, operating system support, and others are definitely worth consideration. 

Indeed, along with Amazon Alexa & Google Home, Apple’s HomeKit is also a popular smart home system that still remains a bit of a mystery for many users. Considering the expensive price tag of Apple Devices, there are tons of reasons to get a HomeKit enabled smart home. It offers the best integration with iOS and other compatible devices. Plus, it doesn’t need any additional hub or centralized system to run a futuristic smart home, and you can control your smart appliances from any Apple device. That being said, let’s dig in and break down why you should have a HomeKit Smart Home.


Starting with the Ecosystem, because it is the thing that you hear all the time, and when you add more devices, the system becomes more powerful. In today’s date, it is one of the strongest ecosystems, and it surprises us how the devices work seamlessly with one another. Even its cousins, such as Alexa & Google Home, are lacking behind when it comes to seamless & convenient integration with their devices. Really the system creates a more familiar & connecting experience between your existing devices. For example, when you’re busy with your laptop or pc & listening to music, you can receive phone calls without disconnecting or pausing your Apple AirPods. Impressive, right?

Apple Devices

The next reason is devices. Overall, Apple makes stunning devices. They are meant to last for a long time, provide a better performance, have a premium look, and everything in between. Besides, the HomePod Mini serves as a smart home hub and can be used to get centralized control over other devices. This mini speaker can also deliver premium sounds with vibrant bass, and it’s way better than its top competitor. You can even create your personal home theater by pairing multiple Homepod Mini. Not only that, using your iPhone, Apple Watch, MacBook or iPad, you can control all of your HomeKit enabled devices to enjoy a better HomeKit Automation. Sadly, this feature is missing in other ecosystems.

Home App

Next up, let’s talk about the Apple Home app. It’s a very simple yet useful app that is easy to use to get control over your smart devices right on your palm. Sadly, it is not an everything app like the google home app or other third-party apps. But, it’s the right app for your HomeKit, or HomeKit enabled devices that let you experience better home automation. Especially, the User Interface is super clean, and you will fall in love without any doubt. For example, you have quick access to your favorite senses or devices. Plus, you can see all your security footage from right there when you scroll down. 

Native App Support

Another welcome feature is that you can add groceries to the shopping lists, set reminders, and more from the native app support. Plus, all of your family who is integrated with the HomeKit, will receive the same alert once you add something to a shopping list. Everyone can control and manage devices by using the HomeKit, and for that, you don’t have to create individual accounts every time. However, Amazon Alexa has similar features under its ecosystem, but HomeKit Native App support is two times better.

Smart Home Control

After the native app support, let’s talk about Smart Home Control. Apple offers great smart home control with the new apple home app. This app shows you all of your devices in one place, which is impressively much better than other third-party apps. The home app is also great because you can control all of your Homekit enabled devices easily from this app. Beyond that, you can also control all of your smart appliances, check the security footage, control the thermostat and much more using an iPad or Apple Watch


Now we like to talk about the shortcuts. Well, we think it is the real game-changer, as it is a quick way to get one or more tasks done while letting you create your own shortcuts with multiple steps. It can trigger actions to cross all your apple devices, such as you can set a reminder to the calendar, create a to-do list, leaving notes, and a lot more.

Privacy & Security

Last but not least, Apple in iOS 13 introduced HomeKit Secure Video, which is an API that uses the ‌iPad‌, ‌Apple TV‌, or ‌HomePod‌ to analyze video captured by compatible smart home cameras right in your home. Video feeds are encrypted end-to-end and uploaded to iCloud, which means you alone can see the video footage without the risk of hackers accessing it. Multiple camera manufacturers, including Eufy, Eve, and Logitech, have debuted ‌HomeKit Secure Video cameras to ensure your privacy stays safe.

Thus, that was all about the HomeKit Smart Home. These were the common reasons why you need a HomeKit Smart Home, and there are a ton of reasons more to discuss, and we will cover them later. So, what do you think? Are you up for trying the HomeKit Smart Home for yourself?

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