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Once attached, Bluetooth tracking devices help you locate all your necessary items. This handy device makes sure you never lose any of your valuable stuff like keys, your phone, pets, and more. Tiles have been providing these incredible mini tracking devices for more than a decade now, and recently, Samsung and Apple have joined the party to compete with them. As all of them offer excellent features, you might get confused over which one you should go for! In this article, we will be discussing all the features that come with the Air tags, Tile tags, and Samsung’s smart tags so that you can get the best one according to your needs.

Apple has launched Air Tags recently offering everything that you need in a tracking device and they work only with the Find my App Like tiles and smart tags, they can help you to locate your belongings easily. All three tags offer applications of their own for more convenient use. If the tags are somehow lost, then using the apps, you can easily find out its last location. These mini trackers mainly use Bluetooth or Ultra-wideband technology to find your device. Apart from these similarities, some features differentiate one from another.

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AirTag, Source: Apple

Starting with the design, AirTags come in a circular shape. But they don’t offer any particular way of attaching it with something else whereas, tiles and smart tags come with a small hole so that you can easily adhere them with keyrings or suitable threads. So far, you will have to buy separate accessories for AirTags based on where you would like to attach them.

Tiles and smart tags offer different variants of trackers so that you can choose according to your choice, unlike the AirTags that are available in one variant only. Tiles mate is mostly similar to the AirTags and tiles slim and tiles sticker is built for credit cards, laptops, and such electronic devices. They can provide location up to 200 foot but if you want a device with longer tracking ability then the Tile Pro can help you out with its 400 foot Bluetooth range. Samsung also has different versions of SmartTag — SmartTag and SmartTag Plus. SmartTag uses Bluetooth to locate whereas SmartTag plus uses ultra-wideband for more range.

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If you ever lose any of the tracking devices and are not close enough to track, then ‘Find My’ network technology can assist you greatly in finding your device. So if you lose the device, other smartphones using the same Operating system or apps will help you locate the tag by sending information. In this case, AirTags are likely to get more advantages as Apple has the most growing community, and Samsung will be right behind. But everyone does not use the Tiles App, so it can get difficult sometimes to find your device. All three tags can be ringed with your smartphones if they are nearby so that you can easily find them. But tiles offer more as you can also ring your smartphone as well with the tile tracking device by tapping it. The other two don’t offer the same.

AirTags come with a feature called Precision Finding, which works using Apple’s U1 chip and its ultra-wideband technology. This works by combining Apple’s ARKit software and the phone’s camera, accelerometer, and gyroscope to guide you to your AirTag using sound and haptic and visual feedback. You can easily replace the battery of these devices as all of them use a replaceable coin cell battery. AirTags and SmartTags can deliver power for up to a year, whereas Tiles last up to three years before you need to change the battery. Hence, you don’t have to worry about changing the battery too often.

Almost all the tags feature the same price, and at first, it seemed a lot shocking that Apple also released AirTags at such an affordable price. However, you won’t be able to use AirTags properly without its accessories which you have to buy separately. Hence overall, the AirTags remain a bit pricey than the Tiles and SmartTags. So if you are into the Apple ecosystem, AirTags would be the most suited one for you. The same goes for the Samsung galaxy user, as they can get a smart tag or smart tag plus. But if you are looking for a more flexible tracking device, then certainly Tiles would be the best choice as it works both with iOS and Android.

So, that was all about AirTags, Tiles, and SmartTags and the features that distinguish them. Hence, now you know which one you should buy.

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