7 Chrome Extensions You Should Try Now

7 Chrome Extensions You Should Try Now

Chrome is the most preferable browser for many people yet very few of us use Chrome to its fullest potential. No matter what browser you use, extensions make it even better. Likewise, Chrome’s popularity is a result of the sheer number of extensions that make the browser more powerful. Extensions allow users almost limitless ways to improve their Chrome experience. From organizing your email inbox to filtering out websites that you don’t want notifications from, Chrome extensions can do everything. Using the right extension with your Chrome browser, you can do a whole lot more than you might imagine. 

The web browser has become an integral part of our lives. Most browsers come with the same basic features, but what draws people to one particular browser is the wide range of extensions it offers. So today, we’re going tp talk about some of the best and most interesting chrome extensions that you should try right now.

7 Chrome Extensions You Should Try Now

  • Momentum
  • Text blaze
  • Weava highlighter
  • Picture in picture
  • Screenshot youtube
  • Save in
  • View Image

1. Momentum

First, we have momentum, which allows you to open a new tab with your personal dashboard.

After installing this extension,  whenever you open a  new tab,   your personal momentum

dashboard pops up in front of you, allowing you to customize it according to your preference.

You can customize time, and add quotes or mantra that keeps you inspired and motivated,

below this, in the focus of today section, you can add your goal or main focus of that day and

your to-do list in the todo section. Now every time you open a new tab, you will get a visual

reminder, and this will help you to get focused, and stay organized and will also motivate you.

You can also unlock additional productivity tools like a countdown, soundscapes, and so on by

switching to Momentum Plus.

2. Text Blaze

Our next extension is Text blaze, a chrome extension that saves you from typing the same word

and email over and over. This simple and easy-to-use extension allows you to save any snippet

of text as a template with your own personalized shortcut. later, to get that text or email

wherever in chrome, all you will need to do is type that shortcut. You can save and organize

your snippets in categorized folders and also can share them with others. In addition, dynamic

commands offer you the automatic addition of current dates, times, forms, contents, and command packs on your snippets. This free plan comes with a pretty decent amount of features, offering 20 snippets with up to 2500 characters in each. But you can also upgrade to different paid plans to unlock more snippets or features. 

3. Weava highlighter

Now the extension we’re going to talk about is Weava highlighter, a google extension that allows

you to highlight anything on the web, like articles, and blog posts, and also helps you to organize them into selected folders. 

So, enabling this extension allows you to highlight any part of any articles, blogs, or anything on the internet, and add annotations to them. It also lets you save that highlighted part to specific folders for future use as well. In addition, every time you revisit that same page, the highlights will remain the same. This extension comes up with a basic free plan allowing you unlimited highlights, notes, and device sync with 100MB storage, but you can also upgrade the storage size and unlock additional features by upgrading to the premium plan.

4. Picture in picture

Coming up next, we have, picture-in-picture an extension offered by Google. This extension

allows you to multitask by creating a floating window for you with just one click. While watching

a youtube video, with just one click on this extension, you can create a floating window in the

corner where the video is now playing. As a result, you can do other work simultaneously while

watching a video. You can also increase or decrease the size of the window.   

5. Screenshot youtube

Next up, we have a Screenshot YouTube extension that you might find useful. You can add this extension

easily from the chrome store. After the installation, this enables a screenshot button on the

youtube videos control bar. With just one click, you can screenshot any frame of a youtube

video without the overlaying control buttons. After taking the screenshot, it gets automatically

saved in the download folder as a high-quality PNG file. With this extension, taking screenshots

of important and your favorite parts of any Youtube video becomes easier and hassle-free.

6. Save in

The next chrome extension, Save in, allows you to save images, videos, audio files, links, and

pages in specific folders. After adding this extension, whenever you want to save an image or

video, by right-clicking you will come up to a save-in option and choose a designated folder to save that specific content. This extension literally helps you to organize your downloaded files with just two clicks. Moreover, going to its option setting, you can add more designated folders. This simple yet helpful extension saves your time and lessens your work.

7. View Image

Before moving on to the next extension, let us remind you of a google image feature called “view image” doesn’t exist anymore. Clicking on that button was used to enable a full view of any picture and made the downloading process easier. Later that button was replaced with the visit website button. But this chrome extension known as view image does the same work as that view image button used to do. Installing this extension on chrome adds that specific view image button like before, making the image viewing process less complicated. Apart from adding the view image button back, it also adds another button, “Search by Image” on google chrome’s right-click context menu, making it easier to search similar contents as well.

Make The Most Use Out of Your Browser

So that was all about the  7 Chrome Extensions you should try now that will get you headed in the right direction. These websites are beneficial, as with only a click of the mouse, you can alter how you navigate between websites, access information more quickly modifies the way your browser looks, and even edit text, snap pictures, and manage social media.

Santos Cruickshank

Santos Cruickshank

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