Why Anker is the Leading Smartphone Accessories Brand in USA?

Why Anker is the Leading Smartphone Accessories Brand in USA

Anker, a phone accessories brand that became the number one phone accessories brand in the USA. Simply from nothing. A few years back, this brand did not even exist. But, now, not just in the USA, this brand has become the other name of phone accessories, beating many established accessories brands globally. Want to know how and why? Read thoroughly.

Anker is basically a Chinese electronics brand, parented by Anker Innovations. In 2011, Steven Yang, a former Software Engineer in google, started the journey of Anker, and then in 2012, Mr. Dongping Zhao switched from google and joined Anker Innovations as the President.

The Anker’s initial product focus was on replacement laptop batteries, which later got switched to smartphone battery chargers and wall chargers. Apart from these, right now, Anker is producing smart home appliances, headphones, portable speakers, portable video projectors, and car accessories as well.

Anker is being successful in almost every project, apart from a few controversies, and has earned immense acceptance among the users. Now, it is claimed as the number one phone accessories brand in the USA, which is not just a commercial, promotional claim. But the question is why, while giants like Apple, Samsung, JBL, and others are there in the market?

Well, first thing first! Each and every accessory from Anker is launched in the market, targeting to address the specific pain point of consumers. Take the smartphone development of the last 10 years as an example. Smartphones have become thinner and smarter, but they can’t preserve power for long. Anker should thank lithium-ion batteries in this regard.

However, Anker identified that gap and came up with the best quality chargers, cases, and cords. They make them affordable; knock the customers brains as if they give the best ones at the most affordable price possible. Many big brains were there in Silicon Valley, but none of them had the main focus on accessories. So, when Anker came, customers found a brand, which was meant to fulfil their specific needs as such. According to my personal experience of using Anker’s product, I think the most important reason should be their extreme durability and premium quality. I found not a single product of Anker on amazon with the users rating below 4.

Then comes the price. Right now, their product category includes power banks, chargers, cables, batteries, data hub, audio accessories, other accessories for computers and phones. The price of every product from each category has been kept competitive. Other strategies regarding branding, product designing, packaging, distribution, positioning, after sales service etc., were also top notch. Their slogan “America’s leading USB charging brand” is engraved on the box of every Anker charging product. And that is not just a promotional word; they have made it, they have used this achievement to position their products in consumers minds. Their product design, and even the boxes, all the products come in, are different than others.

Before 2017, Anker devices were almost exclusively sold at Amazon Marketplace. After being the leader in the accessories market of the USA, they intended to go global, and now they are maintaining Germany, the United Kingdom, Japan and China, and their products are almost everywhere now. Their expansion strategies indicate, now they are aiming to be the best in the world, not just in one single market.

They have even managed to earn respect from their competitors, and surprisingly there is a Big Name like Apple on the list. You won’t find too many products from other brands in the Apple store, but the Anker is there. Anker, a brand of merely 8 years of age, starting from a market place, has come this far, and still, there is a long way to go. The way they are growing, expanding, and coming up with new products, who knows what more surprises are waiting for us from Anker in next coming years? Leave a reply on what your thoughts are on it.

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