Which Security Camera is Best? Wired or Wireless?

Which Security Camera is Best? Wired or Wireless?

Whether you’re away from your home or busy at work, you can’t keep a constant eye on multiple parts of your property. In this case, security cameras come to the rescue. When you’re absent, a good surveillance system can monitor, record & notify you before any worst happens, making it an ideal solution for a small apartment to a big house. Well, in this article, we will try to describe the difference between wired & wireless security cameras and which one is the best for you, so that you can stay relaxed & calm.


First of all, let’s talk about the various types of security cameras. If you head to the market or browse the internet, you’ll generally find three types of home surveillance cameras. And they’re fully wired, semi-wired, or wireless. The last one is a battery-powered camera called wire-free or portable camera. It’s also known as a wireless camera for transferring data wirelessly. Each of them is the best in their classes for their added functionality, helpful features, specs, durability, portability & everything in between that you might be wondering about.

If you have a big house or want to keep an eye on multiple things, then you should go for a wired monitoring camera. Nevertheless, if you live in a small apartment or want to use a camera for a sole purpose, then a wireless monitoring camera will be good for you as well as your wallet.


Up next power connection. As we all know, an electronic device needs a power input to operate, and the same phrase is also for these home security systems. Let’s describe a little, the wired security system requires continuous power & a wired internet connection to run straight. At the same time, the little cousin or wireless one also needs a power input to stay alive, but it uses wi-fi connectivity instead of wired connection to transfer data.

Alternatively, you may find some cameras in the market which run by a rechargeable or exchangeable battery so that you can conveniently use them anywhere you want. In this case, you may face some issues while using a portable security camera. Such as, you have to stay aware of the remaining battery life to ensure you never pass over a thrilling moment.


After describing power connection, let’s talk about how a surveillance system saves its data? For data storing, wired cameras may use both cloud & physical memory. But using a cloud service can cost a fortune since a user has to get a subscription, and to keep operation costs low, most of its users use a physical storing device or system. Now you might be wondering, if cloud service costs you a lot, will it happen the same for the wireless monitoring cameras thus they share data wirelessly & need cloud subscription?

Well, wireless cameras do require a monthly subscription but the price range is super cheap than its big cousins. For this feature, you can edit, share, view, and download all of your content anywhere, at any moment. However, some of the prominent brands offer a memory card slot to reduce the maintenance cost with a limited online subscription.


Up next, let’s discuss the form factor or design. Wired surveillance cameras come in large form factors, as they’re built to tackle heavy-duty workloads, top-notch performance & everything in between. Alternatively, the wireless one features a compact form factor, so you can install them easily and quickly. Even some of them don’t require any tools to get the job done.

Here is a thing, you have to keep in mind that you need to dig holes on the walls to install a wired camera, which is a no-go for most renters. Besides, you may also damage your walls if you don’t focus properly. On the other hand, wireless cameras can be installed easily without making tons of holes like the wired security camera. You can even use it as a stand-alone camera if needed.

As we mentioned earlier, a wired monitoring camera comes in a big foundation so usually it weighs a bit. The professional surveillance cameras which you may see in the airport, subway or any restricted area, are weighed a bit higher. Apart from all of that, the wireless or portable security camera features a lightweight construction to make sure if needed you can conveniently move with it. The amazing thing is, some non-wired surveillance cameras come in all weatherproof construction, making sure your devices stay safe from bright sunny rays to bone shaking cold.

Price & Cost

A wired surveillance camera’s price & maintenance cost is higher than a wireless security camera. Wired cameras require more set-up time and effort but provide excellent reliability. To install it properly & get rid of tangled wires, you have to hire a professional who can do the rest with perfection. For this arrangement, you can prevent accidents. Even so, wireless security cameras are inexpensive, they set up quickly, and anyone can install them without knowing any rocket science.


Last but not least, as technologies continue to advance and improve efficiency and performance, home security cameras including wired and wireless are better than before. You need to evaluate the current security of your property before adding any security system. Ultimately, depending on the property size and security demands you can go for any of them without any hassle.

So, these were all about the wired and wireless cameras just for you. Thanks for reading this article. Comment your thoughts & share with your friends if you have found it helpful. Subscribe to our newsletters if you want more.

Samiul Haque

Samiul Haque

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