Vintez 24-Inch Computer Privacy Screen Filter for 16:9 Widescreen Monitor

Vintez 24-Inch Computer Privacy Screen Filter for 169 Widescreen Computer Monitor

Your information can be kept private with the help of strong passwords, antivirus software, data encryption, and increased awareness. But what about those prying eyes? That’s when a privacy screen filter comes in terms of visual hacking. 

These computer privacy screens are often called privacy filters. It is a little piece of plastic that is put over your monitor or display panel to shield private information from prying eyes. It takes a passerby between a few seconds and a few minutes to peek at a computer display and extract private information that might be utilized later for harmful intent. A screen filter will limit the device’s viewing angle so that only the person in front of the screen can see what’s on it. The only thing that can be seen if someone sneaks a glimpse to the right or left is a blank screen. Moreover, with this anti-glare privacy filter, you don’t need to use any glasses while working on the computer as it can block all the blue rays. In this article, we have come up with Vintez 24-Inch Computer Privacy Screen Filter for your 16:9-inch computer. 

Vintez 24-Inch Computer Privacy Screen Filter Review

This is an ultra HD touch screen filter that’s anti-glare, compatible with all screen types, and protects your eyes from harmful UV rays. This screen filter is pretty effective in restricting the visibility of your screen to people on either side of you, along with the ease of installation. Let’s dive deep into this product.


  • Privacy Angle: 60° to 30° degrees
  • UV Protection: 96%
  • Blue Light Protection: 65%
  • Anti-Glare: Yes
  • Touchscreen Compatible: Yes
  • Scratch Protection: Yes

Design and Compatibility

This Vintez 24-Inch Computer Privacy Screen Filter is ultra-thin plus works with touch, curved and flat front glass screen types. It’s designed to be compatible with all screen types. This ultra-thin design screen filter also protects against any scratch. With this filter, you don’t have to face any sort of moire effect. It also doesn’t cause any pixelation. Thus you won’t see any blurriness or fuzziness in the display. 

In terms of compatibility, this Vintez privacy screen filter works with almost all monitor brands, including HP, Samsung, Dell, Lenovo, Acer, Asus, LG, ViewSonic, and many more. Moreover, it comes in a different dimensions, so don’t forget to measure the width and height of your monitor before buying one of these. 

Privacy Features

Coming to the most important aspect of this screen filter which is its privacy features. It comes with a reversible privacy screen filter that can be turned around, so you can select either a glossy or matte finish. You can easily change the privacy angle from 60° to 30° simply by adjusting the brightness of the monitor. The privacy filter on computers causes the screen to seem black when seen at an angle, but bright when viewed straight. If you want extreme privacy, it’s recommended to use this screen filter in brightly lit spaces and also reduce the brightness of the monitor. However, it doesn’t block visibility from behind.

Vintez 24-Inch Computer Privacy Screen Filter for Widescreen Computer Monitor

Eye Protection

Vintez Privacy Screen for Computer not only helps improve privacy but also protects your eyes It reduces blue light by 65% and filters out 96% of UV for eye protection. To lessen glare from the outside, you can choose the matte finish on the screen, which will enable the anti-glare option. This works great for blocking blue rays. It’s a very important feature otherwise, it can have an adverse impact on your eyes. Thus, this screen filter does a great job at protecting your eyes as well. 

Easy Installation

Many might wonder whether this screen filter is hard to fit into the monitor or not. Well, this privacy screen filter is pretty easy to install as well. There are two distinct attachment methods included with each privacy screen protector filter, providing you with two quick ways to install the privacy screen for a monitor. It features attachment strips and slide-mount tabs. This package also includes additional installation stuff.

Wrapping Up

These days spying is not confined to digital hacking only. Snooping around your computer can also breach your privacy. In both onsite and remote work situations, several types of information are susceptible to visual hacking. Thus the Vintez 24-Inch Computer Privacy Screen Filter is a perfect one to protect your computer from visual hacking.

Without Vintez 24-Inch Computer Privacy Screen Filter for Widescreen Computer Monitor
After using Vintez 24-Inch Computer Privacy Screen Filter for Widescreen Computer Monitor
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