Top 7 Time Management Apps That You Should Use Right Now

Top 7 Time Management Apps

Time is money, and everything we do depends on how well we manage time. In our daily lives, we often mess up our tasks and goals because of poor time management skills. Nowadays, there are multiple time management apps available for us to use. However, many of us are not aware of these apps. Depending on your needs, each of these apps can enhance your productivity by integrating your tasks with how long you should take to complete them. Keeping that in mind, in this article, we will showcase the 7 best time management apps you can use right now.

1. Evernote 

To start off, we have Evernote. An app designed for beginners to get their tasks done in time. It helps you accomplish your daily tasks by bringing your notes, to-dos, and schedule together. Also, you can capture ideas anytime it strikes your mind, and work on them later on. Besides, the app gathers all information inside the notes by keeping your tasks organized by project or the due date. Got to attend multiple meetings? Worry not, as the app syncs all your calendar meetings to your notes and provides notifications as well. Above all, you get the option to customize the app according to your preferences. 


2. Quire

Unfold your ideas and maximize your team performance with Quire. With this smart app, you can manage large projects easily by breaking them down into small steps. In addition, you can personalize any to-do lists to complete the required tasks in on time. Also, the Kanban board lets you visualize the workflow and add specific details that are necessary for the project. On top of that, you can map out your team’s schedule by switching between lists and boards on the timeline. Last but not least, the interactive charts allow you to check progress while showing the amount of work left to be done. All of these features make using Quire very time-efficient.


3. toggl track

The toggl track app works by helping teams see where everyone’s time goes. How? All you need to do to get started is create a time entry on the workspace. As simple as that. You can organize time entries by projects, clients, or tags according to your convenience. Aside from that, you can create reports and see the billable and nonbillable hours of work done. The coolest part is that it integrates hundreds of other apps via its extension available for Chrome and Firefox. Moreover, toggl track is available for free to download on both desktop and mobile platforms.

toggl track 

4. Freedom 

We are gradually adapting to new technological inventions in this modern world. However, there are a lot of distractions around us that are silently taking away our valuable time. But, with the Freedom app, you can stay focused on the job at hand. Here you can manage all connected devices and block websites or apps that distract you. Furthermore, you can start and end a block session as per your requirements. It also offers you the liberty to fully customize the blocklists by just entering a website link or selecting the entire category. And the app is compatible with iOS and Android devices as well.


5. MyLifeOrganized (MLO) 

MyLifeOrganized is a flexible task management program that can simplify your life by organizing all your tasks for you. With this app, you can create to-do lists and mark them complete with just one click. Plus, the clean and simple drag-and-drop interface allows you to rearrange tasks within a plain list or organize them into a tree of sub-lists. Thanks to the location-based reminder feature, it can be used to assign a context while mentioning the required tools to complete it. Furthermore, MLO syncs across all your devices and automatically updates the changes by using a cloud subscription. 


6. Asana

To keep you focused on the go, you can use the Asana app. With Asana, you can manage and plan group projects while informing your team about all the new updates. In addition to setting goals and deadlines, you can create a path to show the directions for completing the objective. Additionally, it allows for organizing projects in a way that best suits you and your team. Besides, Asana’s new Today Widget feature guides you on how to complete the most important tasks by the due date. And the recent updates also improved the task editing feature. 


7. Notion

Last but definitely not the least, we have Notion. No matter whether you are working alone or in a team, it allows you to stay organized by keeping all your important files in one place. It provides you with a clean surface to write and edit projects however needed. On top of that, you can add any type of content, including images, videos, and so on. With the simple drag-and-drop feature, it’s easy to rearrange and make changes conveniently without cluttering up the dashboard. Other features include creating databases, onboarding employees, nesting lists, embedding a web link, and more. 


And there you have it! The 7 best time management apps you will need for every day use. We know how tough it can be manage everything all at once, especially given our extremely busy lives. And with so many productivity and time management apps already available, it can be quite difficult to determine which one is going to be the best for you. Hopefully, these recommendations will fit the bill and can help you better manage your time just like it did for us. 

Santos Cruickshank

Santos Cruickshank

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