Sony Inzone H9 vs Logitech G735: Which One Should You Pick?

Sony Inzone H9 Vs Logitech G735

Enjoying comfort, and the excellent audio quality becomes easy with wireless headphones. Logitech recently released their latest gaming headset with the new Aurora Collection, and quality-wise, it’s looking pretty good compared to other gaming headsets. But does it stand a chance to compete against Sony’s Inzone H9? 

Sony Inzone H9 Vs Logitech G735

Both Sony Inzone H9 and Logitech G735 have different strengths, and you may like either model, depending on your preferences. Let’s compare them and find out which one boasts greater wireless gaming performance and comfort.

SpecificationSony Inzone H9Logitech G735
Wireless Connection method2.4GHz bandLIGHTSPEED USB receiver or Bluetooth
Effective Range10m20m
Direction of MicrophoneBi-directionalCardioid (unidirectional
Frequency Response5Hz-20,000Hz100 Hz -10 kHz
Battery Life32 Hours56- hours (Without RGB) and 16 hours (With RGB)

Design and Comfort

For maximum comfort level, Logitech G735 might be the best gaming headset that you will come across in today’s market. By looking at this headset, you can easily tell that comfort is something that what G735 is purely designed for. 

It has super comfy and soft plushie earcups. So, if the user happens to be someone who wears glasses and small earrings, then they don’t really need to worry about getting uncomfortable during a long gaming session. These plushie earcups will surely keep them cozy while playing games. Underneath the earcups, there are small rubbery domes that have a very premium RGB system and it definitely syncs with the color of the headset as well.

On the other hand, Sony’s Inzone is more focused on delivering an immersive gaming experience when it comes to the audio quality of gameplay. As for its looks, it syncs quite well with the aesthetics of the PS5 design. The earpads are made of a soft stretchable leatherette to maximize comfort, including a very flexible headband which is perfect for a cozy long-time gaming experience.

Logitech G735

Audio Quality

Most importantly, the audio feature of this headset has Dolby Atmos and Windows Sonic Spatial Sound Compatibility. Which delivers top-notch audio for gaming and other usages. What makes this headset exceptional is that users can hear audio from two devices simultaneously by using the wireless and Bluetooth modes simultaneously. And there is also a dedicated rocker switch to adjust the volume.

With that being said, the audio quality of this headset is something that needs to be appreciated more. While gaming, the 360 Spatial Sound in Inzone H9 can provide some really impressive quality of audio. This headset also comes with a built-in active noise cancellation feature as well. Users can find the dedicated switch at the back of their left earcups. Just one beep and audio distractions will not be an issue anymore. There is also an ambient sound mode button to keep users aware of their surroundings.

Sony Inzone H9


At the back of the Logitech G735’s left earcups, they have a power button with a volume wheel along with the mic mute button and a 3.5mm audio port. Also, a USB -C charging port and a microphone jack are there for connectivity as well. Moving on to the back of the right earcup, there’s a Bluetooth sync button with an adjustable rocker switch between the game and Bluetooth audio. Additionally, the G735 also comes with a lightspeed USB and a detachable boom microphone. 

With Sony Inzone H9, you can respond quickly because a short delay algorithm reduces the time between the game’s sound source and the headset’s sound output utilizing a 2.4GHz wireless connection and the supplied USB transceiver. While using 2.4GHz wireless, you can connect Bluetooth to a smartphone and attend voice calls and audio chats on your smartphone.

Battery Life

Without the RGB, this Logitech G735 headset can deliver up to 56 hours of playtime, and with the RGB, 16 hours max. 

On the other hand, Sony Inzone H9 uses a USB-C interface for charging. With a single charge, it can deliver up to 32 hours of battery life.

Which One Should You Get?

In conclusion, Both Inzone H9 and G735 have very premium aesthetics and splendid sound quality for gaming. So if you are looking for something comfortable for your casual everyday gaming experience, then go for G735. And if you are a hardcore competitive gamer who is looking for a great gaming headset to enhance the audio quality while gaming then Inzone H9 might be the best option for you.

So what do you guys think, which headset performs the best when it comes to pure gaming performance?

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