Sony Inzone H9 Wireless Gaming Headset Review: Better Than Corsair Virtuoso?

Sony inzone H9 Review

Sony INZONE H9 has just been teased by their latest gaming brand INZONE. It is sleek, wireless, and full of perks which makes it a reliable gaming headset for both PC and PS5 gamers. But how good is it compared to the other headset available on the market? Today, we will review it to see whether it lives up to its potential.

The gaming sector is not an uncharted territory for Sony. Now the company’s new gaming lineup, dubbed “INZONE,” ushers in a new class of hardware dedicated to PC and PS5 users. Among those, the Sony-INZONE H9 headset has been the most hyped.

Design and Build

Aesthitically, the Sony-INZONE H9 is utterly pleasing. It has a two-tone finish with a frosted white shell. This classic Sony white certainly plays well with the PS5 colorway. After a closer inspection, you’ll notice some design elements from WH-1000XM5. From the height adjustment slider to the soft-touch leather earcups, Sony took what worked before and applied it to this gaming headphone.The H9 has a plastic shell that is lightweight and sustainable. However, compared to the hefty price tag, it lacks the premium essence. These headphones don’t even have water and dust-resistant certification, so we would advise users to stay cautious near snacks and drinks.

Comfort and Adjustability

the Sony-INZONE H9 headset is flexible enough to fit a variety of head shapes and sizes. In addition, the cushioned headband and ear pads will allow gamers to comfortably keep on playing for hours. You’ll also be glad to know that the white finish makes scratches barely noticeable, and the ear cup cushions will remain springy for a long time. 

Sound Quality

With Sony’s expertise in music headphones, they have designed the H9 to reproduce excellent high-frequency sounds, as well as superb low frequencies. The best way to describe its sound quality is rich and multi-dimensional. Why? Because it features 360 Spatial Sound, so that players can take quick in-game actions with precise target detection.

It has a high-fidelity diaphragm and ducts that help produce powerful bass. So, now users can stay fully immersed while leading their team to victory! Moreover, the Digital Noise Canceling feature keeps out the distracting sounds with the same Dual Noise Sensor Technology used in Sony’s class-leading 1000X series headphones. Also, similar to the 1000X series, this gaming headphone has an Ambient Sound Mode that will enable you to play games while still being able to hear important sounds around you.


There’s a flexible flip-up boom microphone to communicate effortlessly with squad members. Unfortunately, it’s not detachable, and the voice pickup quality slightly falls behind the likes of Corsair Virtuoso.

Compatibility and App Support

For connections, users can either use the 2.4-gigahertz USB dongle or simply connect it to their device via Bluetooth. Besides using physical buttons to tweak its settings, the H9 can also be modified via Sony’s INZONE Hub, a companion app that will allow gamers to fine-tune the equalizer, noise-canceling modes, and more.

Battery Life

This spectacular gaming headset has a runtime of around 32 hours with ANC turned off, which is far better than Virtuoso’s 20-hour battery life. It takes 3.5 hours to fully charge the headset with its USB-C cable. However, you cannot use it when it is plugged in. 

Final Thoughts

The benchmark has been set high by the Corsair Virtuoso. But the new INZONE H9 from Sony is still a formidable contender that has a better battery life and noise-cancellation. It borrows the best features from its sibling, the WH1000-XM5, to create an ideal gaming companion. It also offers a premium experience when it comes to sound quality, where Sony excels. However, when it comes to price and mic, Virtuoso surpasses H9. So, check both out and choose the one that fits your needs the most.

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