Should You Consider Buying a Refurbished Smartphone?

should you buy refurbished phones

Suppose you are looking for a smartphone with powerful specs but your budget becomes a barrier and is not allowing you to go for it, you will be left with no other choice but to buy cheaper ones. Yet, if someone suggests you to buy a refurbished model of your cherished phone at a much lower price, you might start cursing him, let alone buying the phone. But why are refurbished models considered so impracticable? Probably that is because of ignorance about the idea of refurbishment. While prices of phones are on the rise, refurbished phones can help you with significant savings. For instance, purchasing a new iPhone 11 Pro would cost you around $900, whereas a refurbished one with the same specifications costs $700, which is about a $200 price cut. Perhaps this has made you think whether buying refurbished smartphones is worth it and should you buy one for yourself? Read thoroughly to make the right decision.

Before you jump into any further decision, learn why phones are called refurbished or, in some cases, reconditioned. If any smartphone has a major or minor defect, got damaged somehow, or the initial buyer chooses to replace it with a new model, the phones are returned to the companies. For any of the above situations, manufacturers will collect the phone and fully test it to figure out the exact problems. Then they fix the issues, restore factory settings along with wiping all the data and package it like the new ones. Basically, all the refurbished phones are used phones but not all the used phones are refurbished. They are tested properly to give you the exact same performance as the new ones. So if you want a smartphone that can provide you high-level performance yet at a much lower price, then certainly refurbished phones can be your go-to choice.

Refurbished phones often come with newer parts, so it will look exactly like a new smartphone. Besides, when you buy refurbished ones from stores, you won’t feel like using an old phone which you would feel after buying it from a user. So you won’t feel like using a pre-owned phone which you would face buying a phone from a user. In most cases, buying a refurbished phone seems risky as they are considered faulty. You might even think the phone will not work after a few days. But many refurbished phones come with a warranty and if you purchase them from official Samsung or Apple stores, the warranty is likely to be at least a year. You can also look for trusted sellers on Amazon, who sell refurbished phones with a warranty.

Though these smartphones are restored, they come up with the same tech support as new ones. You can even install the latest software updates and use your smartphone smoothly. Whenever you go through the product list on amazon, you may find some smartphones that are marked as refurbished or reconditioned. But they feature a much lower price than the brand new ones. This doesn’t mean the phones have any issues or not usable enough. Rather, these smartphones provide higher specs within your budget. Though in some cases, you might find a few technical problems with the phone, that can happen with your new phone as well. You can fix these problems by taking the phone back to the store. So buying a reconditioned phone is never a waste of money, rather a wise decision if you can look for a trusted shop or get it from the official manufacturers.

That was all about the refurbished smartphones. Share your thoughts by leaving a comment on whether you find it worthy enough to buy a pre-owned phone or not. Above all, refurbished smartphones can save a lot without compromising much quality and high-tech features. The rest is up to you.

Samiul Haque

Samiul Haque

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