Roborock S7 Plus vs Roborock Q7 Max Plus: Should You Pay More for Less?

Roborock S7 Plus vs Roborock Q7 Max Plus

Roborock has some of the most futuristic and top performer robot vacuum cleaners. Its most popular S7 model creates a space in users’ hearts with its reliable performance. Undoubtedly, the Roborock S7 Plus is one of the most premium robot vacuum cleaners on the market. 

However, to target mid-range users and keep its dominance, Roborock launches Q7 Max Plus in the market. The Roborock Q7 Max Plus is a true successor of both the Q and S series from Roborock robotic vacuum. Therefore, a debate has been created between the S7 Plus vs Q7 Max Plus- which one should you get?

Today, we’re going to find out if you are paying more for less with Roborock S7 Plus. Let’s dive in!

Design and Finish

Design-wise, both Roborock robot vacuum cleaners look very identical. However, the backside of the Q7 Max and Lidar sensor color makes the difference. Otherwise, it is pretty much hard to identify which one is S7 Plus and which one is Q7 Max Plus. Apart from that, we really like and appreciate the color mix of both robots, which gives you the option to choose the preferable one to match your style and interior. So far, so good!

Navigation and Mapping

Undoubtedly, both are navigating robots. Each of them utilizes a hectic amount of sensors to track location and draw maps under the roof. Specifically, the Lidar sensor with 3D mapping technology allows them to create a road map with pinpoint accuracy. That also helps each robot to work in low light conditions.

But keep in mind that they are robots at the end of the day. So, if you have an expensive vase inside your house, don’t forget to draw a no-go zone from the unique app. In such a way, you can also keep the vacuum away from accessing the kitchen or any specific room and prevent unwanted scenarios! That’s a really important thing to do!

Cleaning and Mopping

The Roborock Q7 Max Plus really turns the table around with its max suction power and efficiency in carpet cleaning, which pushes it a step ahead of the leaderboard.

Even for hardwood or tile floors, the point easily goes for the Roborock Q7 Max Plus, as it can do both wiping and mopping simultaneously. But, due to the lack of auto mop lifting technology, you have to pay extra attention if your space is mixed with carpets and hard floors. In this case, Roborock S7 Plus shines out the lackings of Q7 Max, and thanks to those special sensors, that gets the job done!

Charging and Docking

Both robots have charging and docking features. They drive themselves back to the station to power up and empty the dustbin simultaneously. So, your robotic vacuum always stays ready for the next cleaning session. Here is a thing we like to mention, each Roborock robot vacuum is known as a Plus version for their additional Dock station. And you can back them up separately or grab the package, where both Robo vac and the dock come together. So, choose wisely that suits your needs well.

Water and Dust Storage

Water and dust storage is something that we really care about, as the robot does the cleaning for us. The dust bin and water tank capacity of the Roborock Q7 Max Plus is slightly bigger and broader than the Roborock S7 Plus. This tiny difference won’t be an issue at all. Don’t forget that S7 Plus has a lot of hidden sensors to keep the place tidy.


In terms of battery life, both siblings are packed with a 5200-milliampere-hour battery and can run up to 180-minutes straight on a single charge. This amount of runtime is pretty much unseen in today’s vacuum cleaners, and for that, the Roborock brand deserves a big thumbs up.

Final Thoughts

You are possibly thinking about which one is suitable for you. Well, the Roborock Q7 Max Plus really does great in some areas. For example, it has max suction power, ample water and dust capacity, less maintenance, and, above all, an inexpensive price tag.

But the surprising amount of smart sensors and AI technology on the S7 indeed give some goosebumps to anyone, and for that, the high price matters less! However, as it has an ultrasonic sensor for carpet cleaning, we predict it’ll use less battery power when cleaning. Because the Q7 Max continuously uses max suction power till the end!

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