Roborock Q5 Plus Review: Premium Cleaning With Inexpensive Price?

Roborock Q5 Plus Review

Nobody enjoys vacuuming, and there was a day when autonomous cleaners were more trouble than they were worth. However, today’s options are totally different. And we have found one of the most reliable, available, and effective robot vacuums on the market.

Today, we will take a look at Roborock Q5 plus, which can efficiently clean your space, works fine with a virtual assistant, and automatically empties its own dustbin. And with an affordable price, this robot vacuum is a good option for budget junkies. Let’s get into it.


The Roborock Q5 Plus uses similar technology as the Roborock S series- the Lidar navigation. It allows the robot to draw an accurate virtual road map by using multi-level mapping & obstacle avoidance tech. Therefore, you can just let it stroll around your house without worrying about any collision. All work together to keep the space tidy without making any mess.


The Roborock Q5 Plus does a great job when it comes to efficiency. Thanks to the 2700-pascal suction power and scratch-safe brushes, it cleans any type of floor profoundly and effectively. It will surely leave your jaw open after you see the satisfying result.


Sad but true, this Q5 model of Roborock does not come with a mopping system. It will make users think twice before purchasing one, as there are a lot of robot vacuums available on the market that have a mop feature. It is true that the features, specs, and benefits Roborock brand offers are outstanding and deserve some appreciation for sure. Apart from that, if you need a robotic combo vacuum, then we suggest giving the Roborock Q7 series a try. There is no big difference in the price compared to Q5 Plus and Q7.

Dust Compartment

The Roborock Q5 Plus stores all accumulated dust in a two-point five-liter large dock with its auto-empty feature. That way, it is always ready to go for the next cleaning application. The manufacturer claims the dock station can handle messes for up to 7-weeks before it needs to be emptied. It is also a premium feature of the Roborock S7 series.

Dust Compartment


Another premium feature is that the Roborock Q5 Plus is compatible with virtual assistants, such as Amazon Alexa, Apple Siri, and, most importantly, Google Home. That means you can magically control your robot without leaving your comfort zone. Impressive!


This smart vacuum cleaner runs with ease, thanks to a large 5200-milliampere-hour battery that does the biggest job in your absence. And on a single charge, it can run for up to 180-minutes straight without any technical hiccup. Even more, the robot vacuum also can complete a circle easily. Then if the battery is low or the dustbin is full, it’ll automatically return to the dock for the next cleaning session.

Final Thoughts

Now you may be wondering if you should get it. If you do not require a mopping function in your Roborock Q5 Plus robot vacuum, go for it. The features, specs, and overall performance it offers at this price point are literally insane. Though the absence of the mopping function is unacceptable, its cleaning efficiency with additional high-tech features works like magic.

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