Polar Ignite 3 vs Google Pixel Watch: Which Smartwatch Should You Get?

Polar Ignite 3 vs Google Pixel Watch

For folks who want to optimize their daily fitness activity, Polar’s new smartwatch, Ignite 3 likes to take the opportunity. We should say, this is an entirely new smartwatch compared to the Ignite 2. It now has a new display, a new body design, and some new software features. Somehow, the design reminds us of the Google Pixel Watch. Not only that, their price tag is also comparable to each other.

Polar Ignite 3 vs Google Pixel Watch

So, we are putting the Polar Ignite 3 vs Google Pixel Watch side by side to find out which one offers more.


Both Polar Ignite 3 and Google Pixel Watch come in a round-shaped body. They are really hard to differentiate while looking at them side by side. Undoubtedly, both smartwatches look premium. The Ignite 3 boasts a plastic case, stainless steel bezel, and gorilla glass on the display. Whereas, the Pixel watch blends metal and glass with a level of sophistication. Furthermore, both smartwatches have curved edges, but on the Pixel Watch, it is pretty noticeable. And, for this bezels are thick compared to the Ignite 3. Even the Pixel Watch comes with a relatively small screen, which is 1.2 inches, and on the other hand, the Ignite 3 is equipped with a 1.28-inch display. Though there isn’t a huge difference in the screen size, a larger display means you are getting more information in a blink. Moreover, the Ignite 3 uses a combination of a single button and a touchscreen, which is usual for Ignite series. On the other hand, the Pixel Watch features a crown at three o’clock and a button at two o’clock. The crown will help you to navigate through various apps effortlessly.

Health and Fitness Tracking

So, according to Polar, the Ignite 3 comes with some new features, and one of them is SleepWise, which is actually an extension of Nightly Recharge that was introduced on the original Ignite. With that, you can monitor sleep quality, timing, and daily sleep cycles. Not only that, Polar claims, their brand new smartwatch can predict when you will be most alert during the day. There is another feature, which is called FitSpark. So, how exactly does this feature work? It just suggests daily exercises that suit your body’s condition and readiness.  Otherwise, both smartwatches can track your daily activities, heart rate, and blood oxygen saturation. If you want us to tell you more about the Pixel Watch, we would happily love to say, it is a Fitbit device. Because by becoming a Fitbit premium member, you will get more premium features. The good news is, you will get a six-month Fitbit Premium trial with Pixel Watch.


Surprisingly, the Ignite 3 comes with multiband GPS, considering who the watch is for. Even, at this price range getting dual-band GPS is worth every penny. The benefit you will get is much better GPS accuracy in challenging environments. Again, this feature is exclusive to smartwatches like Apple and Garmin. So, you are not gonna find this feature in the Google Pixel Watch. 

Battery Life and Affordability

In terms of battery life, the Ignite 3 can provide up to 5 days on a single charge in watch mode, and up to 30 hours in training mode. Whereas, the Pixel Watch can survive for up to 24 hours on a single charge.

If you want to experience more advanced features in the Pixel Watch, you have to be a premium member of Fitbit, and that will cost you even more. Anyway, both smartwatches are pretty expensive considering their features, but for Polar Ignite 3, we can accept the reality, because it comes with a Dual-Band GPS to provide more accurate positioning. 

Our Takeaway

  • Polar Ignite 3 vs Google Pixel Watch: Which One is Better?

“In Short – Both Polar Ignite 3 and Google Pixel Watch look pretty much similar to each other. Both watches are focused on stylish fitness and wellness to help you live a more energetic life. Moreover, the Polar Ignite 3 boasts a Dual-band GPS that is missing in the Google Pixel Watch. And yes, they are also expensive.”

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