Planning a Budget-Friendly Trip to Egypt: Money-Saving Tips for Exploring this Ancient Country on a Shoestring Budget

Budget-Friendly Trip to Egypt

A cheap trip to Egypt is very possible and even fun, this makes it easy for anyone who seeks to visit this historical country to do so without having to overspend. Egypt has a lot to offer to tourists with its long history, beautiful monuments, and ancient rituals that are still alive in modern Egypt. If certain things are taken into consideration and done way ahead of time, you will not have to spend a great deal of cash while still having a great time.

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Setting a Realistic Budget

Planners must manage their budget in the right manner and this is why the first step in planning for any cheap trip to Egypt is to ensure that you set for yourself a manageable budget. First of all, it is important to find out the approximate prices for meals, transportation, and sightseeing in Egypt so that you may have a starting idea of the amount you are going to spend.

Economical Transportation Choices

For transport, one should use local transport like buses, trains, or otherwise shared taxis to move from one region to another within Egypt cheaply. Taking a taxi is cheap since you only pay what has been agreed by you and the driver but on the other hand, you get the feeling of the locals. If there are plans of moving around the city a lot during the duration of your stay, it is recommended to invest in a multi-day transport pass.

Public transportation is not only cost-effective but also gives you a chance to experience daily life in the country. If you plan on traveling long distances, consider booking overnight transport to save some amount on accommodation for the night.

Negotiate with your taxi driver – In most Egyptian cities, cabs are a cheap and handy mode of transportation.

Savvy Dining and Culinary Experiences

To cut down on the cost of food expenses, try sample Egyptian recipes in local and street markets, small cafeterias, and shacks. Do not eat in restaurants in the areas frequently visited by tourists because the prices are relatively high. Do not hesitate to taste traditional food such as kosher, falafel, and ful medames, apart from being tasty, the dishes are also quite cheap.

Visit markets, and small restaurants which offer traditional Egyptian meals at comparatively low prices.

The abundance of street food sellers, particularly in Cairo, provides various specialties to select from, like vegetarian and vegan alternatives. You can have a full lunch on the fly for around $2. Meals at local sit-down eateries run between $5 and $12.

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Discounted Admission to Attractions

When going to the restricted sites for tourism look for ways to get cheaper tickets or opt for a ticket that allows entry to several sites. Some attractions offer free admission on certain days or during specific times, so plan your visits accordingly to take advantage of these opportunities.

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Guided Tours and Group Excursions

Sometimes it is useful to go on guided tours or join the group travel packages to see all the highlights of Egypt with a guide. Joining a group tour usually is cheaper than hiring a tour guide for a person for the entire trip, and they are a good source of historical information and cultural significance of certain destinations visited. In turn, you can download audio guides or listen to travel applications that will tell you more about the discussed sights when walking alone.

Shopping for Souvenirs and Gifts

To buy souvenirs and gifts, local markets, bazaars, and shops selling locally produced crafts, textiles, jewelry, etc are relatively cheap when it comes to prices. Haggling is widely practiced in Egypt; therefore, do not shy off from asking the sellers for a lower price to get the most favorable price. Coordinate that it’s significant to call tradition and culture in the course of bargaining.

Affordable Accommodation Options

When it comes to the place to sleep, a lot of people choose to sleep in cheap lodgings like hostels, guest houses, or cheap hotels. Websites like Hostelworld, Booking. Several Civil Hotels and apartments can be found on, or Airbnb to enable you to secure cheap lodging in Egypt. Hence, it would be wise for travelers to pre-arrange their lodgings to get better charges and make the best of every hint, save, or rebate out there.

To save funds on lodging in Egypt, consider sharing hostel dormitories, camps, and inexpensive hotel rooms. There are several alternatives available around the nation, with some options costing less than US$25 per night. Sharing accommodations with many single beds is an excellent method to save money when traveling with companions.

Final thoughts

Going to Egypt on the cheap can be one of the most exciting lifetime adventures which enables tourists to learn more about Egyptian heritage, traditions, and astonishing nature. Always be ready to change your mindset and be ready for new experiences when going on a budget-sharpening tour in Egypt.

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