My Hands-On Review of NOMVDIC’s Impressive Portable Projectors

NOMVDIC Portable Projectors Review

Portable projectors are becoming increasingly popular, allowing you to easily watch movies and TV shows anywhere. I recently had the chance to test out two portable projectors from NOMVDIC, the R150 and X300 models.

As someone who loves watching movies and TV shows on a big screen, I was excited to see how these compact projectors performed. In this detailed review, I’ll share my experiences with each model and how they compare.

Unboxing the R150 – A Pint-Sized Projector Packed with Features

At first glance, the R150 looks like a small can of soda. But this compact cylinder design hides some really cool tech inside!

When I opened the box, I found:

  • The projector unit
  • A handy carrying case
  • The remote control (which requires AAA batteries to work)
  • Power cord and brick
  • HDMI cable for connecting devices like a Roku or game console
  • USB-C cord for power and streaming

The case is high quality with a soft interior to protect the lens. And the projector itself seems well built.

NOMVDIC R150 Mini Projector
NOMVDIC’s R150 smart portable LED projector

Intuitive Top Panel and Convenient Ports

On the top, there are buttons to control power, volume, and playback. The lens in front can rotate a full 90 degrees thanks to a special rotating mechanism. This makes it easy to point up and project onto ceilings and walls without any special mounts.

On the left side, there are ports for power, HDMI, USB-C, audio out, and USB. The audio out means I can connect external speakers if needed.

The right side houses the speaker which is made by Harman Kardon. For those unfamiliar with audio brands, Harman Kardon is known for making high-quality speakers and audio components. So I was expecting some decent sound from this tiny device!

Now that I had unboxed everything, it was time to test it out!

NOMVDIC Portable Projectors Review

Putting the R150 to the Test – Big Screen Entertainment in a Small Package

After charging up the battery, I found a blank wall and pointed the lens toward it. I turned down the lights to create an ideal home theater environment.

When I hit the power button, an image immediately popped up! The autofocus made it crisp and clear in just a couple of seconds.

Navigating the smart TV interface was easy using the included remote. Within minutes I had cast YouTube from my phone and was watching car reviews on a large “screen”.

Even displaying about a 70-inch image, the picture quality impressed me. The colors looked accurate and vivid. Details were sharp enough to see textures and small text. For the 854 x 480 resolution, it was better than expected.

Ceiling Projection Made Simple

After cycling through some videos and movies, I wanted to try the signature ceiling projection. I positioned the R150 on a side table and rotated the lens straight up. Using the remote, I turned on automatic keystone correction. This automatically fixed the rectangle shape to counteract beaming at an angle.

I laid in bed and started streaming Stranger Things. Having a tv on the ceiling felt so cool and futuristic! The picture still looked great, with no blurring or distortion. I appreciated that the fan noise was minimal and wouldn’t drown out dialog.

NOMVDIC X300 Smart Outdoor Portable Projector Features

Surprisingly Robust Sound

Next, I paired my phone to the R150 via Bluetooth to test the sound quality. I have to say, the Harman Kardon speaker inside this tiny device pumps out some impressive audio! I cranked up some music videos and the sound easily filled my bedroom. The speaker delivered crisp highs and decent bass given its size. If I wanted to use this for a party, it could provide sufficient sound for background music.

Seamless Device Connectivity

To test connectivity, I plugged in my Nintendo Switch using the HDMI port. Gaming worked smoothly without any major lag. Having access to all my consoles is a nice benefit.

Overall, I’m amazed that the R150 can project up to a 100-inch screen, sound great, and offer smart features in such a portable form. It’s perfect for impromptu movie nights anywhere in my home!

Diving Into the X300 – A Feature-Packed Portable Theater

Next up was the X300, a step up in performance and capabilities. Right away, I noticed the unique design. The main compartment looks like a Bluetooth speaker. Flip open the hidden top compartment and the lens is revealed!


  • Native Resolution: 1920 x 1080
  • Brightness (LED Lumens): 700
  • Light Source Type & Life: LED, 30000hrs
  • Throw Ratio: 1.14 (80″@2.06m)
  • Keystone: H: +/-40°, V: +/-40°
  • HDMI: 1 (HDMI 1.4/ HDCP 1.4)
  • USB Type C (video/audio/power): 1 (5V/2A)

A Premium Unboxing Experience

Inside the box, I found:

  • The projector/speaker unit
  • Remote control
  • Power cord and brick
  • Two cables – HDMI and USB-C
  • Instruction manual

The X300 has a classy retro look between the knobs, leather strap, and metal accents. The whole thing just oozes with style.

Thoughtful Interface and Port Placement

On the top panel, there are physical buttons for power, volume, and playback controls. The giant lens in front is surrounded by a focus ring for manually adjusting sharpness.

On the left side are ports including HDMI, USB-C, power input, Aux audio out, and USB. Having Aux out in addition to the built-in speakers gives me options.

Speaking of built-in sound, the right side houses dual speaker drivers and passive subwoofers made by Harman Kardon like the R150. But the X300’s speaker setup looked more robust which had me excited.

NOMVDIC Portable Projectors Review

Putting the Premium Sound System to the Test

After charging it up, I was eager to see what this bad boy could do!

For the first test, I wanted to check out the vaunted sound system. I wirelessly connected my phone via Bluetooth and started playing music. Right away I could tell the sound was substantially bigger and fuller than the R150. The 30W amplifier delivers room-filling volume with crisp highs and deep bass. It sounded almost like a standalone Bluetooth speaker!

Gorgeous True 1080p Projection

Then came the fun part – testing the projection. I closed the curtains and powered up the X300. Navigating the smart TV interface was easy thanks to the responsive remote.

After casting a nature documentary from my phone, the image popped up in full 1080p resolution. And let me tell you, it looked incredible! The colors were vibrant and lifelike. Details like animal fur and tree bark were sharp and clear. The overall image was brighter and more vivid than the R150 thanks to the 700 lumen LED light source.

I was able to project a huge 120″ diagonal image on the wall at close range. But what blew me away was the picture looked fantastic even at that size. Usually with projection, enlarging the image also enlarges any flaws and pixelation. But the X300 seemed to defy that logic.

NOMVDIC Portable Projectors Review

Extensive Picture Customization

After being wowed by the picture, I started digging into the settings and features using the remote. There are a ton of adjustments for getting the picture dialed in including:

  • Multiple preset modes like game, eco, and different color temperatures
  • Granular image settings like contrast, saturation, and sharpness
  • Auto keystone correction and manual corner adjustment for angled projections
  • Different projection orientations like the front, rear, ceiling mount
  • Lens focus wheel for optimizing sharpness
  • Zoom controls to adjust the projection size

This level of customization is unheard of in most portable projectors. It allows you to fine-tune the experience to your space.

Big Screen Outdoor Movie Nights

I also played video games and found the low input lag kept action smooth and responsive. The built-in app store provided access to streaming services like Netflix and Hulu so I can enjoy all my shows.

But what blew me away the most was using the X300 outside. After dark, I pointed it at the side of my house. A 120″ image practically turned the siding into a movie screen! Having that massive display virtually anywhere, especially outdoors, makes this projector a game changer.

Between the excellent sound, bright true 1080p projection, and abundance of features, the X300 instantly became my new favorite portable projector.

NOMVDIC X300 Smart Outdoor Portable Projector Battery

Comparing the R150 vs the X300 – Which Is Right for You?

Now that I’ve tested both models extensively, here’s a head-to-head comparison:

  • Resolution – The X300’s true 1080p resolution is substantially more detailed than the R150’s 854 x 480. It allows larger projected images while maintaining sharpness.
  • Brightness – With 700 lumens, the X300 is almost twice as bright as the R150’s 360 lumens. It makes the image clearly visible even in dim ambient light.
  • Audio Quality – Both have great sound, but the X300’s Harman Kardon speaker setup with subwoofers delivers bigger, beefier audio.
  • Customization – The X300 has extensive picture adjustments and projection options. The R150 offers fewer controls and settings.
  • Battery Life – They both last several hours on a charge. The X300 has a longer pure audio playback time.
  • Price – The X300 costs around 2x as much as the R150. You’re paying more for the significant bumps in resolution, brightness, and sound.
  • Portability – The R150 is slightly smaller, while the X300 has a unique shape thanks to the speaker compartment. Both are highly portable.
Brightness360 lumens700 lumens
Battery Life4 hrs video3 hrs video / 6 hrs audio
Speaker AudioGoodExcellent w/woofers and tweeters
Lens RotationYesNo

So which is better for you? Here are my quick recommendations:

  • The R150 is ideal if you want an affordable, compact projector for casual movie watching that you can easily take anywhere.
  • The X300 is worth the higher price if you want excellence in picture quality, sound, brightness, and customizability. It’s built for home theater enthusiasts who need maximum versatility and performance.

Either way, you really can’t go wrong. Both NOMVDIC models outperform typical pico and portable projectors.

My Final Verdict – Two Impressive Projectors That Can Go Anywhere

After spending many hours putting these impressive projectors through their paces, here is my final verdict:

The R150 packs a serious punch for its tiny size. For the price, it delivers excellent projection quality and sound. The portable design, smart features, and unique rotating lens make it my top-budget recommendation. It’s perfect for casual entertainment on the go.

The more advanced X300 takes portable projection to the next level. With cinema-like 1080p image quality, thunderous built-in sound, and abundant adjustments, it’s a portable home theater. The X300 is ideal for critical viewing indoors and outdoors.

Both projectors have advantages over traditional models thanks to their integrated batteries and speakers. You can truly take theater-style big-screen entertainment anywhere – business trips, vacations, backyard movie nights, and more.

Why Miss on the Deals

If you’re looking for a great deal on a smart portable speaker and projector, then you won’t want to miss the NOMVDIC X300 lightning deal. Originally priced at $1,099, the X300 will be available for just $479, a savings of 57% off the original price. That’s an incredible deal on a powerful and versatile device that can do it all.

But the savings don’t stop there. NOMVDIC’s R150 smart portable LED projector is also on sale for just $249, a 37% discount off the regular price of $399.

This is a great opportunity to get a high-quality projector that’s perfect for watching movies, playing games, or giving presentations. So what are you waiting for? Head over to the NOMVDIC website and take advantage of these amazing deals. You won’t regret it!

NOMVDIC Portable Projectors Review
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