MUDIX 1080P WiFi Portable Movie Video Projector Review

MUDIX Video Projector

You no longer need to go to the theater to see the newest blockbusters because many new films are swiftly moving from theaters to streaming platforms. Creating your own little movie theater is easier than you think. Investing your money in a good quality projector can give you a better experience than the local theater. Despite the fact that 4K TVs get a lot of hype but nothing can beat a good video projector as it lets you enjoy everything from streaming video to video games on a 100-inch or a larger screen. 

Mudix has always been committed to delivering excellent home projectors. So get ready to bring the theater experience right into your living room with this MUDIX Video Projector. Nothing can beat this when it comes to the true cinematic experience.

MUDIX Video Projector Review

Inside the box, you get the main projector (with lens protector installed), a remote (2 AA batteries not included), an HDMI cable, an RCA to 3.5mm cable, a small tripod, and the power adapter. Let’s find out everything you have to know about this projector so you can make a good purchase decision.


Connectivity: 2.4G+5G WIFI 

Resolution: 1080P

Brightness: 200 ANSI

Display Size: 170-inch

Speakers: 5W Hi-Fi

Compatibility: PC, Laptop, Tablet, PS3, PS4, X-Box, TV Box, TV Stick, Smartphones

Efficient Cooling System: Yes

Display Image Quality

Get access to a brilliant and large-screen visual experience with the MUDIX Video Projector. It has a native 1080p resolution and delivers clear images with Full HD clear, dynamic, and color-vibrant image quality. This portable projector boasts 12500 Lux LED and 200 Ansi Lumens. According to the distance between 1 and 5 meters, the MUDIX projector can project a maximum of 170 inches (recommended 50-120 inches). The focus knob makes it simple to choose the distance for the sharpest image.

MUDIX Video Projector

Display and Lens Life

The Mudix Movie Projector can turn your mobile phone into a 180-inch home theater. While the focus knob makes it easy to adjust to the clearest image at the right distance, it’s equipped with an innovative high-refractive 6-layer glass lens, which ensures the best video experience. Due to the lens, this wifi projector performs really well, especially for sporting events. You can enjoy more hues, movements, and details. You can watch the entire game as if you were there through this wifi projector. This upgraded lens can last for more than 50,000 hours. So you won’t need any replacement in the next 10 years. 

Connectivity and Compatibility

It supports 2.4G and 5G WiFi for wireless mirroring. And in terms of ports, it includes an HDMI input, VGA, USB, and AV interface, allowing you to connect it to your PC, Tablet, gaming console, or TV Stick. With the small projector, you can easily experience immersive watching whenever and wherever you want without the restrictions of wired connections.

The MUDIX tiny projector supports iOS and Android devices and features an HD, VGA, USB, and AV interface that is compatible with PC, laptops, tablets, PS3, PS4, X-Box, TV Box, and TV Stick. Additionally, you can connect your phone and view movies wirelessly, which is great for enjoying movies outside.

MUDIX Video Projector


It also comes with a remote control and is so portable that you can take it outdoors to enjoy movies under the stars. Moreover, its compact size makes it easy to carry it wherever you need it. You can use this projector to replace your old TV because it barely takes up any space.

But is it possible to have a perfect visual experience without sound? No right? That’s why this mini projector is equipped with a 5-watt high-fidelity speaker. You get an incredibly remarkable sound quality with this built-in dual speaker, which delivers authentic audio fidelity.

The projector features the most up-to-date temperature control technology, which reduces fan noise by 80%, improves heat dissipation, and prevents heat build-up from damaging your projector.

Wrapping Up

So now there’s no need to go to the movie theater to catch all the new premiers. Turn on the Mudix video projector and enjoy them from the comfort of your home! If you’re looking for a projector that offers great picture quality along with video quality then the MUDIX one is your perfect match. Not only just movies but you can project video games or your office presentation on this big screen as well.

Samiul Haque

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