5 Mind-blowing Artificial Intelligence Tools

5 Mind-blowing Artificial Intelligence Tools

Artificial intelligence has become part of almost every aspect of our lives, making our work easier and more enjoyable. From creating logos, and videos to writing content, everything can be seamless with these AI tools. So we have come up with a list of 5 mind-blowing Artificial Intelligence tools for you.

These 5 mind-blowing AI tools vary in terms of functionality, usefulness, and results. However, among all the available tools out there, finding the best one can be overwhelming. With that in mind, here is our list of 5 mind-blowing Artificial intelligence tools.

List of the Top 5 Mind-blowing Artificial Intelligence Tools

  • Summerizebot
  • Designs.AI
  • Splitter AI
  • Visual eyes
  • Simplified

1. Summerizebot

First, on our list, we have an Ai and blockchain-powered information summarizing tool called Summerizebot. This tool summarizes long texts so that you can learn more by reading less. It primarily focuses on the extraction, structuring, and analysis of information. It can extract major information from almost anything. From web links, and news to articles. Books, emails, lectures, and more. In addition, it can also summarize almost anything, such as web links, documents, images, audio, and more, in seconds. Apart from this, you can extract keywords and a list of key fragments. You can use it in three possible ways. You can directly share links and documents to the website, using commands for summarizing, or you can invite the bot to the platform. Moreover, you can download, save or share your summarized content for free. 

2. Designs.AI

Runner on this list is an AI-generated tool called DesignsAI that helps you to create logos, videos, banners, and more within 2 minutes. It is a platform that offers almost every creative tool, including video making, logo maker, design maker, and speech maker. Using this tool, you can complete your work in an easier, quicker, and smarter way. You simply need to submit your design requirements, and it will analyze and generate thousands of options based on the requirements. Moreover, you can create your own template or personalize the pre-made templates based according to your preference for pictures, background, text, and more. It also offers some tools like a color matcher, font pairer, calendar, and more. You can subscribe to it on three tiers, with the basic plan offering a 30-day free trial.

3. Splitter AI

Coming up is SplitterAI, an Ai-powered instrument isolation tool. In line with its name, it allows you to separate the music and vocal parts of any audio track. It offers 4 different models of isolation, such as 5stem, 2stemX, unverbX, and antinoise X, to choose from. After signing up, all you need to do is upload the audio file you want to work on. Within a few seconds, it will separate the music and vocals. With the free plan, you can only use the 5-stem model, in addition to the vocal, this model isolates piano, bass, and drum sounds as well. Moreover, it allows you to increase or decrease the speed of those files and also download all the separated files or only the selected ones. Upgrading to the paid plan will provide you access to other models to remove reverb, and denoise or generate karaoke.

4. Visual eyes

Number four on our list is visual eyes, a web-based tool that uses eye tracking and provides insights into designs. This most intriguing AI tool makes it easy to generate user insights with its attention heat map and clarity score. With the attention heatmap, you can have a clear idea of the places where your design is getting more or less engagement. It also provides a quantification of those attention areas. Moreover, your design is measured with the clarity score feature. It takes only three simple steps to get an overall insight into your design. All you need to do is upload your design here and let the tool process it, and then, you will get an in-depth result instantly. Its accurate eye-tracking prediction helps you to make your design clearer, more efficient, and human-centric. 

5. Simplified

Last, on our list, we have a simplified, one-stop solution for Designing, Writing, Editing videos, and Publishing Content. It comes with a whole platform of tools and templates to create incredible designs, videos, social media content, and more. With its AI, you can write unique and plagiarism-free short and long-form content. From ads, and captions to essays, articles, books, websites, and social media, it can generate content for almost anything.

One of its interesting parts is, you can even overcome writer’s block with its long-form writing for blog articles and even books. To generate content, All you need to do this choose your content form, and output language and then complete the prompt. Moreover, you can Improve your content with the article rewriter, sentence expander, or AI paragraph generator. It comes with a forever-free plan offering 3000 words per month, a long-form writer, short-form templates, and more. It also offers some paid plans. 

Wrapping Up

These 5 mind-blowing artificial intelligence tools mentioned in this article provide powerful solutions for various tasks. Summarizebot can quickly summarize text and extract key information, while Designs.AI can generate logos, videos, and other creative assets. Splitter AI can separate music and vocals in audio tracks, Visual eyes use eye-tracking technology to improve design clarity, and Simplified can help you create unique, plagiarism-free content. These tools showcase the power of AI and how it can make tasks easier, quicker, and more efficient. With the help of these AI tools, users can achieve better results in their work with less time and effort.

Santos Cruickshank

Santos Cruickshank

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