MAXOAK BLUETTI EB150 Power Station Review: Best Portable Solar Power Station for Camping & Outdoor

MAXOAK BLUETTI EB150 Power Station Review

Often we head out outdoors with a lot of planning, but the one thing we miss out on is the right source of power supply to charge all our essential electric devices. To help with that, we have come up with a review on the Bluetti EB150 portable power station from MAXOAK. This power source is not just to charge your phone but to enlighten the camping experience off-the-grid.

The Bluetti EB1500 power station from MAXOAK is a huge capacity power station. It is equipped with massive 1500-watt hour lithium-ion battery cells from LG. This power station is also equipped with a pure sine wave inverter, providing a max output level of 1000-watt. The Power Station is also one of the biggest power generators available in the market and weighs around 38 pounds. It has a handle on the top to easily carry it with you.

A display on the front of the power station shows the battery level. It also demonstrates how much watt is going in and out through the AC and DC. Just beside the display, there is a power button, a DC ON, and AC ON for the inverter. There is also a cigarette lighter, 4 USB ports, and a USB C PD port with a max delivery output up to 45-watt, which means you can power up USB C enabled laptops. The USB ports do not have Quick Charge support, so you can’t charge your smartphone faster. And finally, the Input for the solar panels and the charger. The provided charging brick’s output is 42-volts at 4 amps, which means it can charge up the device completely at around 9 hours, making it one of the fastest charging solar power generators in the market. With an MC4 adapter, you can also charge the device from solar power. And this MPPT technology-supported power generator is rated to charge on 500-watt power from a solar panel. On the back of the power generator, there is two 110-volt inverter output AC plug, with a maximum output of 1000-watts. With these AC plugs, you can run devices that run on Alternate Current, like your home appliance devices. On top of those AC plugs, there is a fan that helps in keeping things cool inside.

Every solar power generator in the market has issues with them. Even the power generators from Goal Zero, the market leader and the gold standard of this industry, are not different from this statement. People are even tearing apart and adding their own MPPT, because the Solar input voltage is still very limited. And this is true for every power generator manufacturer out there. So, how is the MAXOAK Bluetti Solar Power Generator in respect to all the competition out there?

Bluetti is good enough but not the best in the market. Its 60-volt input is way better than goal zero or Inergy and other competitors. But it would be much better if it was 100 or even 150 volts. However, it is still better compared to others in the market. It is also faster than any other in the market, and it can get fully charged within 9 and a half hours with its provided power brick. The Solar input of the Bluetti is also pretty decent in the market. With 500W solar charging, it can charge within 3 to 4 hours, depending on the sky condition. Compared to the Bluetti, Goal Zero is not great at all. However, you can increase Goal Zero’s solar input power by hacking it. But that will cost you close to 2200 dollars, which compared to the 1400-dollar Bluetti is miles far away. Compared to Bluetti, Goal Zero, and Inergy Apex, Goal Zero has the best output power. While Bluetti has pretty much double the output from the Apex. Which is good enough, but not the best.

Bluetti is ahead of both Goal Zero and the Inergy Apex when it comes to power capacity. However, if you want to increase its capacity, you simply can’t. It’s not expandable like the Inergy Apex or others in the market. So, if you want more power, you’d need to buy a new one. However, all Inergy Kodiak and Apex generators have safety and quality control issues. The MAXOAK Bluetti EB150 looks pretty well-made device, and it also looks durable. However, if you go to their website, you’d notice lack of information and broken links. Now, this is concerning since I don’t how much customer support I can get. Also, MAXOAK should take care of its website to create awareness and trust among the customers. However, they usually provide two warranty cards, so you may have to contact them the old-fashioned way. The Cigarette lighter port is regulated at 12.3-Volts, which may not be great but is still very good as it can provide good power even at a low battery. But compared to Zackery’s 13.6-volts regulated port, it’s not the best in the market. Newer power generators like the Goal Zero Yeti 1400Wh come with WiFi and supports app so you can know detailed information about your power generator. But unfortunately, MAXOAK does not have that feature, which could be a nice and helpful thing for the consumers. Also, this power station can be a real hassle while carrying. It has a top handle, but the device is almost 18 KG. Thus, carrying it alone is a bit tough. They should’ve added side handles so that two people could hold the power generator, making it easier to transport.

Depending on the price, both the Goal Zero 1400-Wh and Inergy Apex 1100-Wh would cost you far more than Bluetti, but anyway, Bluetti undoubtedly offers the best features within that price range. They are not advertising anything false, and when put to the test, they stand up to their promised number. So, at that price point, the Bluetti EB150 is one of the great choices. With this device, you can easily run your smaller home appliances, dryer, drill machine, and devices running on 12-Volt power. You can take this power generator to your camping and hiking trips and enjoy RV life without worrying about power. This device can easily run most appliances in your RV. In your camping and hiking trips, you can charge all of your necessary devices and power up blenders, mini freezer to make your outdoor activities more fun and robust camping experience.

The Bluetti EB150 can also come in handy in emergencies like power outages and natural disasters by becoming the backup power generator for your home. With that, you can run fans and lights in emergency situations. So, overall the MAXOAK Bluetti EB150 is a good enough power station for your home and outdoor activities.

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