Maverick: Send Personalized Videos at Scale Using AI

Maverick: Send Personalized Videos at Scale Using AI

With the growing competition in e-commerce, Staring and getting a business off the ground is always challenging in this era of automation, and surviving has become even more difficult.  Even though a traditional e-commerce site is fast and convenient, relationships in that world are generally not as personal and interactive as they might be with traditional offline businesses.

However, with the passing of time, personalized interactive videos are at an emerging stage. Not so long before, ads were just static images. As people like to see the world in a visual way with motion and sound, video ads have become the dominant format. At present, Ads consisting of people behind the brand pitching you with their products and services are becoming more and more prominent. Even landing pages before consisted of many static images and text-heaving descriptions. But now, videos are the most effective way of capturing people’s attention and demonstrating a product. With the increasing competition within the same branch of work, standing out is the most important part. You can easily do it by retaining customers and building a solid community. This is where Maverick comes into the picture. 

What Is Maverick?

Maverick, is an e-commerce personalization tool that creates AI-generated videos to help in customer engagement and conversion rates. Basically, it helps you in developing a community by sending personalized post-purchase thank you, abandoned cart recovery, or welcome videos to each of your customers. 

Although shopping online is very convenient, we no longer have the same sense of community that comes from entering a store and interacting with the staff. Maverick’s goal is to resurrect some of that.

How Does Maverick Work?

Maverick’s personalized videos are a game changer. It saves your time and the hassle of recording individual videos for each customer. All you need to do is record the video once, and with its AI, it will automatically personalize your video. These personalized videos are mainly delivered through email. It uses email to send personalized videos, as email is the fastest and most preferred medium of communication. 

Suppose, you are an e-commerce platform and looking for ways to increase customer interactions, then this can be the best solution for you. As it allows you to call your customers out by name without recording a new video for every customer. For example, you can create and send a personalized video by thanking them while mentioning their name every time the customer makes a purchase.

It basically works as a medium for e-commerce companies by sending videos on behalf of the owners. By just setting up an automated notification via their CRM or webhook, e-commerce companies can let Maverick know when to send a video to a customer. It also makes sure that the email is being sent from who you say it is being sent.  As the world is moving in the direction of more multi-channel with less friction for sending and receiving of contents. It is also planning to expand to SMS services. 

After receiving an email, whenever a customer clicks on the link, it directs them to the landing page of Maverick. From there, the customer can view that dedicated video. Though, it is planning to introduce a feature called embedded.  With this feature, customer-dedicated videos will appear on your landing page rather than on mavericks. 

Want Maverick In Action?

So if you are looking for ways to increase your brand connection with customers then Maverick can be the perfect solution. As it will play a vital role in increasing your customer satisfaction, by building a real-time relationship with your customers.  No matter whether you’ve built on Shopify or WooCommerce, Maverick works with all your favorite platforms. Apart from this, it will also help you build customers’ trust and connections by familiarizing them with the faces behind your brands which will result in increased customer engagement and more revenue.

Santos Cruickshank

Santos Cruickshank

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