MAG CORELIQUID 240R V2 Review: AIO That Looks Cool and Performs Great!


PC components these days are getting more and more performance-intensive, and so is their heat output. While you can invest in a handful of case fans, AIO coolers in this case make the most sense. MAG Coreliquid 240R V2 from MSI is a recent entry in the AIO cooling segment which boasts everything a user looks for from an all-in-one cooling solution.


We got the fortune to get our hands on one of these, and will be testing, and reviewing it to see whether it’s up to the mark. After opening the box there’s a user manual, some mounting brackets for both AMD and Intel, including the LGA 1700, with two 120-millimeter fans, and the CPU block attached to a 240-millimeter radiator. Let’s jump into the details. 


The installation process was a little daunting, but we enjoyed doing it regardless. First, we had to mount the 120-millimeter fans on the radiator with the included screws. Next, we placed the mounting brackets on the motherboard and the cooling block. After that, we applied the thermal paste to the CPU and mounted the colling block on top of it. And lastly, we had to plug the aRGB cables into the motherboard. With everything in place, you can hit the power button!

Design & Dimension

Before talking about anything else, let’s just appreciate how awesome the cooler looks. Its snowy color gradient is perfect for white pc builds. The aRGB lighting effect on the radiator fans casts out a stunning light show that further stretches out into the cooling block as well. Talking about the cooling block, it has a unique triangular shape to it that makes it appear stunning, and the MSI logo on the center looks really cool. To add more to it, you can even rotate the blockhead for as much as 270 degrees to arrange it exactly the way you prefer. It also has a handful of lighting effects that we got to customize from the MSI Dragon Center application.

Durability and Performance

We also want to mention that the pump of this AIO has been integrated into the radiator for numerous benefits such as low-noise operation and increased durability. It is recommended to place the radiator on either of the sides for optimal performance in the long run.

For some CPU stress tests, we have used Cinebench R20 to measure the overall stability. At 100% CPU utilization, the temperature remained somewhere between 70 to 76 Degree Celcius. Which is significantly lower than our Default Cooler’s 85 degrees celsius score. We have also run some CPU-intensive games such as Witches 3 and Forza Horizon 5, and the temp remained stable at 64 Degree Celcius even after 3 hours of non-stop gaming. Which again is comparatively lower than our Default Cooler’s maximum temperature of 73 degrees celsius. Even at maximum load, the radiator fans remained at a reasonable noise level of 45 to 50 Decibels.

Wrapping Up

Everything considered, the CORELIQUID 240R V2 is indeed an amazing AIO cooler that we can rely on. The performance is top-notch and so is the overall visual aesthetics. Whether you are a gamer or a PC user in general, the MAG CORELIQUID 240R V2 is an absolute bargain at this price point.

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