Logitech G Fits vs Ultimate Ears Fits: A Better Alternative?

Logitech G Fits vs UE Fits

The brand-new Logitech G Fits earbuds are apparently out to eliminate the stereotype that earbuds aren’t for gaming. With LightSpeed and Lightforce technology, it’s relatively hard to disagree. But when considering the price tag, it could seem a bit too high for the average gamer, and we’d completely understand why. With that in mind, we have the co-incidentally titled “Fits” from Ultimate Ears, which could somewhat work as a great alternative but with a relatively lower price tag.

Logitech G Fits vs UE Fits

The Logitech G Fits is an incredible success for gamers everywhere. However, for a much lower price, you can get yourself a pair of “Fits” by Ultimate Ears that provides similar benefits. So, which one is the better alternative? Let’s find out. 

SpecificationLogitech G FitsUE Fits
Wireless ConnectivityUSB-A receiver + USB-A to USB-C adapter, Bluetooth 5.2Bluetooth 5.0
Frequency Response20Hz-20KHz20 Hz–20 kHz
Battery Life10 hours of listening time + 12 hours with the charging case.
6.5 hours of talking time + 7 hours with the charging case
8 hours of listening time + 20 hours with case.
10 min. charge for 60 min. of listening
Fit TypeIn EarIn Ear


The Logitech G Fits comes in either a black or white variant while featuring a relatively thin, oval, somewhat capsule-shaped design reminiscent of a tall pill. Pretty sleek for a pair of earbuds as they look very nice when worn. The build makes it relatively easy to store them in the charging case, making popping them in and out almost effortlessly simple.

On the other hand, the first thing that’s immediately noticeable for the UE Fits is the unusual shape of the buds, which look like small plastic batons. However, looks can be deceiving, as the stick-like shape makes the buds super easy to get a grip on, resulting in taking them off and on your ears and case a lot simpler.

Audio Quality

The G Fits from Logitech is nothing less than exceptional, thanks to their custom-made 10mm drivers delivering sound that’s crisp and does not drown out any subtle details in your game, music, video, you name it! They are also hefty on the bass, resulting in a sound that just feels more full and richer in comparison to its peers. However, note that the buds don’t have a surround sound feature, so we’d keep our expectations less. The buds also come with two beamforming microphones that make those important callouts in-game have much more impact. 

The UE Fits, on the other hand, sound pleasantly balanced in all of the audio-spectrum alongside a good bass response straight out of the box. For some people, the sound might appear a bit flat in comparison, but it’s manageable since you’re getting a ton of EQ presets in the UE Fits App that will help you to tweak the audio to your heart’s content. Also, thanks to the design, you’re also getting a microphone that’s placed at the bottom of the stem, making it sit a bit closer to your mouth, ensuring clearer calls in the process.


Now, the main reason why both these buds are a hot topic right now is their fit. In sync with the name, the G Fits make perfect use of Logitech’s proprietary Lightform technology, which finally makes use of the RGB feature most people are so hyped. It generates heat that molds the gel to fit the ear of the user perfectly. Requiring only a few mins to get the perfect fit, Lightform practically promises to give its users the best fit possible from a pair of earbuds, but it heavily relies on the molding process since the slightest movement might result in a fit that’s just hogwash. But when it fits, the passive noise cancellation kicks in, it yields a pretty promising result, making you ignore the fact that these buds don’t come with ANC.

However, the UE Fits don’t fall too far off since the buds also have their own molding process that’s somewhat similar to the Galaxy Buds Live from Samsung but far more successful. The customization process takes less than a minute and, similarly to Logitech, uses light and heat generated from the buds to mold the tips into your ears in real-time. However, the downside here is the customization process only works once, so if you mess up the process at the beginning, that’s basically money down the drain.

Battery Life

With all that, with the G Fits from Logitech, you should expect up to 7 hours of battery life when connected via the lightspeed dongle, or up to 10 hours should you decide on using BlueTooth. With the case, you’ll get an additional 8 hours on lightspeed and 12 hours of BlueTooth backup. 

On the flip side, according to ultimate Ears, you’ll get around 8 hours per bud and a total of 20 hours of runtime with the charging case.

Which Is A Better Alternative?

With all that, which one should you really go for?

“In short – Well, it all comes down to your budget and preference. You see, the G Fits are an incredible pair of buds with some pretty incredible features, such as a lightspeed dongle and Lightform Technology, which is why it’s understandable why it costs as much. But if you want something similar but with a much lower price tag and minus the low-latency performance Logitech provides with their dongle, the UE Fits could be a much cheaper alternative.”

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