LG Ultra Gear 32GP850 Nano-IPS Monitor Review

LG Ultra Gear 32GP850

LG has stepped up their game with their Ultra Gear 32GP850 Nano-IPS monitor and in this article, we put it to the test and review to give you proper hindsight of what it is all about. Not so long ago the general rule of thumb while shopping for a new monitor was to go for a TN panel for their higher refresh rate if you are a gamer and an IPS panel for their wide viewing angles and accurate colors if you are a content creator. As for current times, the IPS panel’s refresh rate has climbed significantly from 75Hz to as much as 360Hz, making them ideal for competitive and open-world gameplay.

With the LG 32GP850, you get to come across LG’s stunning 32-inch Gaming Monitor from the Ultra Gear series with advanced Nano-IPS panel and 1milliseconds response time. In this article, you will find our experiences on testing and benchmarking LG 32GP850 monitor to reveal it to you in its full glory. Without further delay, you can scroll down to know more.

Unboxing & Assembly

Inside its huge package is a separate compartment with plenty of cables consisting of an HDMI, a DP, and a USB cable along with the power brick. It features an ergonomic V-shaped stand along with the monitor mount that gets along precisely after attachment. Taking off the huge styrofoam you will finally get to see the monitor wrapped in a protective manner within a white cover.

Design Aesthetics & Adjustability

Design wise the monitor looks quite sleek with a gamey vibe to it where some of the red details are scattered all over it. The back of the monitor has a unique circular shape with the Ultra Gear Logo carved right in that looks both distinctive and futuristic. The matte screen looks polished and does an amazing job of reducing the reflection being caused by external lighting for greater visibility. The ergonomic design of this stylish monitor lets you tilt it as you please and smoothly adjust the height for finding that perfect viewing angle where you feel most comfortable while gaming.

LG Ultra Gear 32GP850 Ports

You can even wall-mount it all thanks to the VESA mount pattern located on the back to save up much of your desk space for a clean overall setup. One of the most unique things about this monitor is its intuitive UI that can be triggered by pressing the button underneath. It brings you to a cool menu from where you can adjust the refresh rate, tweak the response time and turn on or off the HDR if you deem it necessary. You can also switch to different gaming profiles such as FPS or RTS and even have custom settings of your own.

Ports and Connectivity

Talking about connections, it comes with 2 HDMI 2.0, 1 DisplayPort 1.4, 3 USB 3.0, and a 3.5mm audio jack located at the back of the monitor for pairing it up with your gaming rig or console.


With that being said, now come down to further discussion over monitor’s gaming potential. This monitor features LG’s most advanced Nano-IPS technology with a 1-millisecond response rate which is far more superior compared to the standard 1ms monitors currently available on the market. With a native resolution of 2560 x 1440 pixels, gameplays appear a lot clearer and sharper on this monitor. On top of that, the 98% DCI-P3 color gamut combined with HDR10 makes the color appear vibrant with rich detailing that makes open-world games like GTA Five feel immersive. This one is a 180Hz monitor that supports both AMD Freesync and Nvidia G-Sync that effectively reduces screen tearing and stuttering for highly responsive competitive gameplay.

Ultra Gear 32GP850 g-sync and freesync

Performance Test

We have put this monitor to the test to see whether the advanced Nano-IPS technology is up to the mark. The Eizo Monitor test extracted some favorable results in terms of color accuracy, gamma performance, and text readability as per our benchmarking. We have also tested the response rate, and trust us when we say this, the monitor does appear highly responsive and soothing to the eyes.

LG Ultra Gear 32GP850 performance test

Final Verdict

There is no arguing that this might be one of the best monitors that LG has produced so far mostly because of the advanced nano-IPS panel combined with a 1 millisecond response time that performs at its peak to awe you with visibly stunning imagery. It offers you that high-resolution and buttery smooth refresh rate which is perfect for gaming, mesmerizing color accuracy for color-critical work, and seamless adjustability of greater personalization. And last but not least, the LG 32GP850 features an aesthetic design that is simply fascinating and appeals to the premium taste of most gaming enthusiasts and gracefully match their dynamic gaming lifestyle.

Samiul Haque

Samiul Haque

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