KIWIHOME PS5 Vertical Stand with Suction Cooling Fan Review

KIWIHOME PS5 Vertical Stand with Suction Cooling Fan Review

Even though the PlayStation 5 is one of the most powerful consoles, after having a long gaming session, it’s pretty common for the PS5 to get heated up. This is a very typical occurrence with almost any console, laptop, or PC. Keeping your console cool is pretty crucial If you want to extend the life of your console. There are several cooling stands on the market that can help stop overheating and prevent any interruptions to your gameplay. However, buying cooling stands that are created with the sole intention of keeping the console cool, won’t be reasonable for your pocket. Instead, getting a good multi-purpose stand will be a much better option. This kind of stand can include a dock for charging controllers, cases for your games, and a cooling fan for your PS5.

So, what makes KIWIHOME PS5 Vertical the best option for the PS5 Digital Edition/Ultra HD? Well, the vertical stand provides an excellent airflow system all around the device, extending the lifespan of the gaming console. Along with cooling, the wireless PS5 controller includes a charging dock station that frees you from tangled charging cables.

KIWIHOME PS5 Vertical Stand with Suction Cooling Fan

Playing games on a PS5 is always a fun experience. But when you play for a very long time, it might cause an issue such as overheating. And if you want to avoid such situations, then check out KIWIHOME Cooling Stand.


Hardware Interface: USB, USB 2.0

Fan Speed: 2500-3500 RPM

Charging Time: 3 hours

RGB Mode: 8

Item Dimension: 14.57 x 9.02 x 2.24 inches

Weight: 2.77 Pound


Let’s just appreciate the seamless design of this cooling stand with impressive RGB gradients on the front, which blends in perfectly with the PS5 aesthetic. You can even cycle through different effects and choose the one that you prefer the most. Moreover, this cooler comes with 2 built-in suction cooler fans with 3 speeds you can turn it on or off any moment you want. It features a dual PS5 controller charger station with LED indicators, 8 RGB modes, and a 10 PS5 games holder. So it’s not just a cooler that cools down your console, but it’s designed to keep everything more organized and fingertip-ready.

KIWIHOME PS5 Vertical Stand with Suction Cooling Fan Review

Efficient Cooling

Additionally, this stand also comes with three different modes such as wide cooling, mute fan, and manual speed adjustment. The dual suction cooling fans run up to 3500 RPM while pushing hot air out of the sides and bottom to prevent overheating after a long gaming session. Moreover, along with providing efficient cooling, this cooler makes very little noise which is something that every gamer will appreciate.

KIWIHOME PS5 Vertical Stand with Suction Cooling Fan Review

RGB Lighting Effects

The cooler comes with 8 different RGB lighting effects including: red, orange, yellow, green, cyan, blue, purple, and 1 multicolor cycle mode with just a one-click setting, which creates cool stuff for PS5 and offers a distinctive atmosphere when playing games.

The RGB light on the High/Low/Auto speed switches off every 2 seconds to display three distinct states. Green Light: Auto Speed that will be intelligently adjusted by the temperature. Red Light: High Speed. Orange Light: Low Speed.

KIWIHOME PS5 Vertical Stand with Suction Cooling Fan Review

Connectivity and Charging Time

On top of that, it has high-speed charging docks for two controllers, which can be fully charged simultaneously in only three hours. And with the LED indicators, you would clearly know which status your controllers are on. For example, Orange light: Charging; Green light: Fully Charged/Standby. It also features overcharging, overheating, overvoltage, and short circuit protection that simultaneously, keeps your devices safe.

There are 3 USB 2.0 ports available for connecting your tablets, headsets, mice, wired controllers, and more. To effortlessly meet your lighting and cooling demands, there are 2 buttons for regulating the fan and light speeds, respectively.

KIWIHOME PS5 Vertical Stand with Suction Cooling Fan Review

Wrapping Up

So, if you are looking for a cooling stand with great charging capability, then you should definitely check this KIWIHOME PS5 Vertical Stand with Suction Cooling Fan out. From design to its convenient features, investing in this cooling fan will definitely pay off. This works well to keep the PS5 organized and vented.

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