iPad Pro 2021: The Ultimate Tablet of Decades

iPad Pro 2021

Apple’s spring-loaded event just kicked off a bunch of powerful devices and the M1 chip has been the most key factor in them. The new iPad Pro has been launched, consisting of some major upgrades and exciting features surpassing all other available tablets in the market. It is so powerful that other tablets are left far behind by quite a margin which makes it alone contender of the Tablet throne. Nevertheless, what makes it the best tablet? We will discuss all the features and upgrades Apple brought with their iPad Pro 2021 that make it stand out from other tablets on the market.

The new iPad Pro packs an extremely thin design yet offering all the components of the M1 chipset from the MacBook. Though the power has been lessened up a bit so that it can be more battery efficient. The Geekbench result shows that the iPad Pro scores almost the same as the M1 MacBook in terms of CPU performance. But if you compare it with its previous predecessor then you will find the new iPad Pro delivering 50% faster CPU performance. And the 8 core GPU of the M1 ensures 40% better graphics overall. The previous iPad with the A12Z bionic chip scored around 12000 on the Geekbench metal 5 graphics whereas the iPad Pro with M1 touched almost 17000 on the test. This clearly shows the major upgrade iPad got in terms of raw graphics battle.

Rather than comparing it with Apple’s own products, we can get an actual idea about how powerful the iPad Pro is by comparing it with other popular brand’s tablets. Samsung might be bringing up a new tablet this year named S8 which is rumored to have the SnapDragon888 processor. This processor scored around 3400 only in the Geekbench test. So it means the iPad Pro will perform more than double the performance of the future galaxy tabS8. Moreover, the snapdragon888 scored only up to 27fps in the GFX Benchmark, on the other hand, the iPad Pro delivered up to 63.5fps which is quite amazing. So forget comparing with the previous tablets, the upcoming one from Samsung is also unable to beat the iPad Pro.

Microsoft also released its latest surface Pro X with the SQ2 chip which is not even able to beat the snapdragon888 in the multi-core test. So comparing it with the iPad Pro is not even necessary.

The new iPad Pro comes with a mini LED display making it more colorful than ever. This display can deliver up to 1600nits of peak brightness to provide the best HDR contents. Though the S7+ from Samsung comes with a gorgeous super AMOLED display, it can only deliver up to 430nits of peak brightness which is not even enough to preview HDR contents.

The iPad Pro has a better camera than all other tablets and the front camera can record videos at 1080p resolution. It also features a 12MP ultra-wide camera with a Truedepth sensor. The camera offers a center stage feature that ensures you stay in the middle of the video even if you are moving. This is perfect for online meetings as the previous iPad’s front camera was way too zoomed in.

To expand the possibilities of productivity even more, the iPad Pro comes with a Thunderbolt 4 USB Type-C port. This is the only tablet available in the market that supports the thunderbolt port. You can also get full external display support with this iPad Pro. It allows you to have 6K pro display support with XDR. No other tablets in the market have the same compatibility. The previous iPad had issues with less ram and storage management, but with this iPad, you can have up to 16GB of Ram and a total of 2TB of storage to keep all your data secured in one device.

That was all about the latest iPad Pro with the M1 chipset and with it, Apple just crushed the remaining tablets in the market. Without bringing a new powerful processor it seems quite impossible for other brands to be able to beat the iPad Pro.

Samiul Haque

Samiul Haque

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