EKSA E1000 WT True 2.4 GHz Wireless Gaming Headset with ENC

EKSA E1000 WT True 2.4 GHz Wireless Gaming Headset Review

Like poor graphics, bad audio can also significantly ruin your gaming experience as well. Most of us always focus on improving our gaming experience visually with a better gaming TV or a more powerful graphics card, but the audio quality of your games is as crucial.

Any pair of headphones can be plugged into a PC or console controller, but investing in a specialized gaming headset will give you a premium audio experience for your gaming. Nowadays dedicated gaming headsets offer several great features like fine-tuned soundscapes, premium microphones, and a variety of programmable bells and whistles. There are numerous gaming headphones with a variety of features available on the market. Whether wired or wireless, a good gaming headset must possess outstanding sound quality and clarity and be comfortable enough so you can wear it for extended hours. Additionally, having a clean mic makes it easier to interact with your colleagues. All modern gaming goods, including headsets, have RGB lighting now. 

Immerse yourself in the best sound and enjoy the ambiance of RGB lighting in this EKSA E1000WT True 2.4 GHz Wireless Gaming Headset. 

EKSA E1000 WT True 2.4 GHz Wireless Gaming Headset Review

Your favorite games will feel even more immersive with this EKSA E1000 WT gaming headset. Moreover, as soon as you turn it on, it illuminates with brilliant RGB color, enveloping you in a spectrum of hues. Now, opening the box, this gaming headset comes with USB-A wireless dongle, a 3.5mm audio cable, a type-c charging cable, a user manual, an operation guide, and a carry pouch.


Unit impedance (Ω): 32 Ω

Frequency Range: 20 Hz – 20 kHz

Sensitivity (dB/mW): 105 ± 3 dB

Use Time: Up to 36 hours (light off)

Rated Power: 5 V 1 A

Charging Time: 2.5 H

Polar Pattern: Omnidirectional

Mic Sensitivity: -42 ± 3 dB

Mic Impedance: 2.2 KΩ

Wireless Technology 

The EKSA E1000 WT gaming headset integrates a true 2.4 GHz Gaming-Grade Wireless technology. It provides quick data transmission and minimal latency. Its audio latency is less than 30 ms, which is better than Bluetooth’s 100 ms and allows for lag-free wireless gaming.

 Moreover, the E1000 WT game headset combines a lossless sound quality transmission thanks to its high-performance genuine 2.4 GHz gaming-level wireless transmission. If you want to experience pro-level gaming audio you should give the EKSA E1000WT True 2.4 GHz Wireless Gaming Headset.

true 2.4 GHz Gaming-Grade Wireless

Audio Features

EKSA VoicePure ENC lets you communicate clearly with your team. Environmental noise canceling technology separates voice from background noise. The technology reduces background noise by up to 96%. You’ll communicate clearly and naturally in-game, providing you with a competitive advantage.

Its Upgraded 50 mm drivers come with a synthetic fiber diaphragm and OFC (oxygen-free copper) material offering purer, clearer immersive audio. The 50 mm drivers do a great job at producing stronger sound waves for better bass and sub-bass.

You can enjoy lossless audio quality with this headset. It features an EKSA 7.1 SoundBase plug-and-play that offers a powerful, deep, and unmatched audio experience. You can hear footsteps and gunshots clearly and experience a genuine battlefield by participating in first-person shooting games.

EKSA 7.1 SoundBase

Soundbase Software

The EKSA E1000 WT True 2.4 GHz Wireless Gaming Headset is pretty versatile and it’s designed to take care of different gaming needs. You can get your personalized audio settings thanks to its EKSA SoundBase Software. So, along with enjoying the latest 7.1 virtual surround sound, EKSA SoundBase Software EQ sound customization option as per your needs. You can download the custom driver from their download page.

EKSA SoundBase Software

Compatibility and Convenience

Another reason why the EKSA E1000 WT is an excellent choice for gamers is because of its multi-platform compatibility. This wireless gaming headset comes with a USB-A dongle and 3.5 mm audio cable that works with a wide range of gaming devices, such as PC, PS4, PS5, Xbox One S/X, Nintendo Switch, smartphones, and tablets.

Due to its convenient on-ear built-in control, it’s easier for a gamer to adjust the volume settings without interfering with in-game settings. With the touch of a button, you can easily change the sound effects and mute the microphone.

Battery Life

Thanks to its 1500 mAh high-capacity battery, the EKSA E1000 WT Gaming Headset offers you extended playtime. It provides up to 36 hours of extra battery life with lights off, and during a quick 10-minute Type-C fast charge it increases 3 hours of use.

EKSA E1000 WT Wireless Gaming Headset battery life

Our Takeaway

Thus if you’re looking for a gaming headset that provides pro-level gaming sound with personalized audio settings, noise-canceling features, and excellent battery life, the EKSA E1000 WT True 2.4 GHz Wireless Gaming Headset would be perfect for you. It also comes with stunning RGB lighting that gives the perfect aesthetics that any gamer would love to have.

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