Earbuds vs Headphones: Which One Should You Get?

Earbuds or Headphones What to get

The popularity of personal music players and ubiquitous smartphones have pushed high-quality earbuds and headphones to be must-have audio accessories. But which one should you get for yourself? And apart from being a fashion accessory, how do you know which one provides the best sound quality? Well, we will be talking about the ins and outs of earbuds and headphones so that you can make a more informed decision for when you choose to get one. 

Let’s start with earbuds, which are designed to be inserted into your ear canal. They are much lighter and far less bulky than headphones, meaning they are quite portable. Since earbuds sit inside your ears, they do not interfere with your hairdo, glasses, or earrings. When it comes to sound quality, high-end, premium quality earbuds are great, but most mid-range options are inferior to headphones, especially when it comes to bass. Some people complain that earbuds hurt their ear canals, while others simply can not wear them because they constantly slip out.

Now, on to headphones, which cover our ears. They are much larger and not too portable. Thus, not the ideal choice when working out or even strolling around town. And because they rest over your ears, they are more susceptible to sound intrusion. This also means that loud audio might leak outside the headphones when you have your music turned up. However, they do offer superior sound quality, especially when it comes to capturing bass notes. They often come with extra padding on the headband for comfort. Also, the latest active noise canceling feature did change a lot in terms of the user experience.

Moving on to the next major point – audio quality. In most cases, headphones outperform earbuds at the same price point. But it’s hard to compare headphones and earbuds in terms of audio quality because it depends on the model. And both headphones and earbuds feature models that can outperform each other.

And then comes the price, which is pretty consistent with both earbuds and headphones. The cost usually depends on the model and brand, but earbuds are comparatively cheaper because of their size and the materials used to make them. However, both ANC-Enabled headphones and earbuds are very expensive, where the rest of them are much more affordable.

Overall, if you want to enjoy high-quality, bass-heavy audio, then headphones are your best bet. They are also great for enjoying tunes in the comfort of your home. But if you are working out at the gym or commuting, earbuds are probably the better option due to their pocketable form factor and lightweight. All things considered, earbuds and headphones each have their pros and cons, and choosing between these two comes down to how you plan on using them and your personal preferences.

Samiul Haque

Samiul Haque

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