5 Chrome Alternatives Web Browsers That Protect Your Privacy

Top 5 Best Chrome Alternatives

Unless you are reading this on an Apple device, chances are you’re using Chrome. And there’s no denying that Chrome is stable, secure, and fast but comes with a cost. However, not only is it a resource-hungry browser that uses heavy RAM, but it also relies heavily on advertising for revenue. Because of that, it keeps track of all the user’s data and searches results to show relevant ads when they browse the internet. 

Therefore, it’s common for internet users to look for Chrome browser alternatives. Today, we’ll introduce you to the top five Chrome alternatives that use less RAM and protect your privacy online.

1. Microsoft Edge

Remember the time when we used to meme a lot about Microsoft’s Internet Explorer? Those days are gone by, and you’ll be fooled if you mistook the new Microsoft Edge browser for age-old Internet Explorer. Like most of the Chrome alternatives in this listing, it is also built on the same open-source chromium-based design but with some additional features and improved privacy. In addition, many of the old-school design has been replaced with a clean and polished user interface that anyone will appreciate.

Microsoft Edge

The basic features are also the same compared to the other Chrome alternatives. However, Edge gives you some extra features like Vertical Tab, which provides you with more space to easily keep track of all the opened tabs. 

In addition, Immersive Reader helps you to focus more when you are reading something, and Microsoft Editor helps you to write better. In terms of performance, it uses a lot less RAM than Chrome, and because of that, the overall experience in this browser is fast and fluid. Lastly, it offers three modes of protection, including Basic, Balanced, and Strict, to prevent tracking from the trackers. All things considered, it’s safe to say that Edge has better privacy, performance, and some additional features that users will find helpful in switching from Chrome.

2. Mozilla Firefox

There are no shady privacy policies and back doors for trackers with Mozilla Firefox, a lightning-fast web browser that doesn’t sell you out to advertisers. It offers a simple and clean user interface that’s easy to use, and you will not find yourself uncomfortable switching from Chrome. It also has a built-in Pocket app that you can use to explore and save webpages, articles, videos, podcasts, or get back to what you’ve been reading.

Mozilla Firefox

This browser also has a feature called Picture-in-Picture to pop out a video when you are multitasking. This comes in handy, especially when you are following a tutorial on YouTube. It also has an extra layer of protection which is DNS over HTTPS. This prevents internet service providers from selling your data.

Best of all, it’s not only available for Windows, Mac, and Linux machines but also available for Android and IOS users. So, if you want to get all the speed and features from your browser with none of any invasions of privacy, Mozilla Firefox got your back.

3. Opera

Opera browser has been around as a popular Chrome browser alternative for a long, long time. The cool thing about this browser is that it has an excellent built-in VPN, Crypto Wallet, Messenger, and so much more to offer a complete web experience right in one place. Although, by default, ad blocking is not enabled in Opera, you can turn it on by going to the Privacy Protection in the settings option. Besides, with My Flow features, you can connect all your devices to send messages and files between your mobile and desktop.


Finally, like Brave and Vivaldi, Opera runs on top of the chromium code base, which means you are less likely to encounter site incompatibilities. All in all, with all these necessary features onboard, Opera can be an excellent Chrome browser alternative for you.

4. Brave

Get ready to enjoy a faster and more secure internet browsing experience with Brave, a browser that is built to protect your privacy. The great thing about this browser is when you are switching from Chrome to this; it lets you import bookmarks and settings to set up your usual browsing environment. This saves you valuable time and effort. On the left side of the Homepage, it shows you the number of trackers and ads it blocked. On the right side, it shows time and some cards. But, if that’s not your look, you’re free to customize it.


By default, Brave browser blocks standard web ads, but beyond that, it introduces a new way to reward you with tokens to support content creators online. All while keeping your privacy intact. Furthermore, it is based on chromium and supports your favorite extensions from the Chrome Web Store. So, if you are concerned with the Chrome browser’s privacy issue, then installing Brave can be a wise decision for you.

5. Vivaldi

Coming from one of the creators of the Opera web browser, Vivaldi offers tons of features and customization that you can use as a chrome browser alternative. Like Chrome, it is a chromium-based web browser which means you can install all the extensions that you’ll find on the Chrome Web Store. Opening the web browser, the first thing you’ll notice is how similar it looks to Opera with its tile-based home page. On the left, you’ll find useful shortcuts like Bookmarks, Downloads, History, Notes, and so on. You can also add a Web Panel if you want.


In the settings option, you can find all the customization that needs to be done to make this browser your own. For example, you can change your default Homepage with a Specific Page, Default Search Engine, and much more. The Privacy settings allow you to ask websites not to track you and select a Blocking Level that suits you the best. Overall, if you are looking for a chrome browser alternative that offers a lot of customization, then we highly recommend Vivaldi for you. 

Many of us have been Chrome browser fans for a long time because of the fast and smooth user experience. However, the other browsers, especially the five best ones on this list, are excellent alternatives to Chrome. In fact, if you have been facing problems with Chrome’s heavy operations and data collection for advertising, these browsers will actually serve you better than Chrome. So try them all out and pick the best one for your needs.

Santos Cruickshank

Santos Cruickshank

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