Top 5 Best Video Hosting Sites for Businesses

Best Video Hosting Sites for Businesses

Video contents are important as they can show emotions, build trust with your customers, and overall grow your business. Therefore, a compelling video hosting site is required to reach your content to your targeted audiences. Most modern video hosting platforms also make sure your videos play smoothly across all devices and integrate with all the necessary marketing tools. After testing dozens of video hosting sites, here are the top five best ones that we recommend. 

1. YouTube

Now for the number one spot, we have YouTube, and it’s impossible to think about video content without it. Its user-friendliness and soaring popularity made it the second largest search engine after Google, thus making it the default choice for businesses to host their videos. YouTube allows you to upload your videos wholly free, and you can even earn money through ads, affiliate links, channel memberships, super chat, merch shelf, and many more. It also provides you complete control over your YouTube channel and video content with YouTube Studio. Here you can upload your videos, place tags and keywords to optimize your videos for SEO, add subtitles, put an end screen to promote related videos or even add cards to highlight content during video playback.

Besides that, it also shows you detailed analytics and metrics of how your videos are performing, your CTR, and the channel’s total revenue.Another feature worth mentioning is that YouTube offers automatic captions for specific languages. It also integrates with Zapier to automate marketing and promotional activities for your videos. Lastly, where YouTube really shines is that it has a massive built-in audience who are already interested in video content. Plus, it has lots of cool tricks up its sleeve, like subscribe and bell notification icons to generate more views and audiences.

2. Vimeo

Although Vimeo began as a video-sharing website and still allows users to post videos, it’s more than that. It’s for people who are serious with their video content, thus making it an excellent option for businesses to host their videos. This video hosting site helps businesses in many ways, like customizing the video player to match their brands, accessing useful video analytics, and many marketing features. But the most standout feature is the collaboration since it allows creators to invite their team members and clients to preview their private projects. We also liked how it provides various permission levels for each collaborator.

Additionally, each time a tweaked version of the video is uploaded, previous versions are already saved. So, think of it like Google Docs for a video where collaborators can run through all the changes made in the video. Comments are also much more constructive. Reviewers can leave their comments without even registering on the platform. Finally, Vimeo is free for its basic plan. But you can always upgrade to one of its paid plans to access all the premium features.

3. Wistia

There are tons of digital marketers out there who wanna see results from their videos without tons of extra work. For them, Wistia can be an ideal option. It’s an intuitive video hosting platform with all the tools to make your content perform better. This video hosting site is equipped with an HTML5 video player optimized for high-resolution videos to deliver a smooth video playback. Not just that, it’s also optimized for mobile devices to keep your viewers focused on your content. Also, Wistia Channels allows marketers to publish a gallery of all of your product videos, podcasts, and webinars in one streamable experience.

Moreover, it has interactive video tools like email collector, CTAs, Annotation Links, and many more to turn passive viewers into active ones. With its actionable analytics, you can identify what media drives value for your business. Then you can send this data to your favorite marketing tools like ActiveCampaign, Adobe Marketo Engage, Animoto, and so on. Overall, Wistia makes sure that your content message is heard consistently and correctly. 

4. SproutVideo

Next up, we have SproutVideo, another video hosting platform tailored toward businesses. Its main strength is its clean and easy user interface. Therefore, you will not face any difficulties getting up and running. Despite the straightforward user interface, its Player is packed with features. For example, you can easily customize it and manually change the video resolution and playback speed. There’s also a handy share button inside the Player to copy the video URL and embed it on your websites and social platforms. Thanks to SproutVideo’s strong security features, you can rest assured that your videos won’t go viral unless you want them to. In addition, it provides multiple privacy settings to share your video with specific people. You can even implement single sign-on, restrict the networks that can load your videos, and much more.

In addition to that, its video engagement and access logs guide you through everything you need to do to track your viewers. Lastly, SproutVideo comes with flexible paid plans perfect for teams of all sizes. It also offers a 30-day free trial. Because of that, we highly recommend it to you.

5. Vidyard

From simple video creation to robust video optimization and analytics, Vidyard has all the nitty and gritty for your business to engage with your audience. This video hosting site has lots of helpful video creation features like Screen Recording, Video playlist, Animated video previews, Quick video editing, and many more. Moreover, its load times are lightning-fast, and you can upload high-quality videos instantly. We also like that it provides strong password protection to secure your online video content. Video sharing capabilities are no slouch either since it easily lets you embed your videos to your websites, portals, emails, and wherever you want them.

In addition to that, it has strong Video Optimization features like Video calls to action, Automatic transcriptions, and SEO to rank better in search. Its powerful analytics dashboards help you understand how your videos are performing and what measures you need to follow. In fact, video hosting is just one of Vidyard’s many features. Its primary focus is turning viewers into customers, increasing their engagement, and so on.

Final Verdict

So that was all about the best video hosting sites for business. We have mentioned the sites after testing them thoroughly. So choose any video hosting site from the list that matches your requirements and use it for your business. It will be a great pleasure for us if our content has helped you make an informed decision.

Santos Cruickshank

Santos Cruickshank

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