Ayn Odin Pro vs Steam Deck: Who Emulates Better?

Ayn Odin Pro Vs Steam Deck

Ayn Odin Pro comes at a very reasonable price with good performance and specs. But does that mean that this gaming handheld is quite good as the Steam Deck itself? To know more, check out this comparison between Ayn Odin Pro and Steam Deck.

Ayn Odin Pro Vs Steam Deck Review

When it comes to windows gaming handheld, Steam Deck is undoubtedly the most popular recent console that has been released this year. This powerful gaming handheld is specially designed to run modern PC games, and it really performs amazingly.

While the Steam Deck remains a fan’s favorite PC gaming handheld, Ayn Technology just dropped their latest “Ayn Odin Pro,” which is a pretty good android gaming handheld that is available on the market. Now let’s get down to their comparison.


Design-wise, Ayn Odin Pro definitely looks more stylish than the Steam Deck. The Ergonomic Grip on this handheld is really comfortable to hold even after long gaming sessions. Both thumbsticks on each side are placed up and down, which makes it easier for users to control while gaming. Also, the curved LED lights on the edge and underneath the thumbsticks give this handheld a true gaming vibe. 

Steam Deck, on the other hand, is quite a big gaming handheld when it comes to its shape and looks. With beautifully designed thumbsticks and the positioning of each button, users will not have any issues at all during a long gaming session. Additionally, it has trackpads on both sides near the thumbsticks, which is really good for RTS games and other top-down view games. On top of that, it also has four extra buttons at the back, which are placed perfectly for users to control. 


Now let’s move on to the main attraction of both these handhelds, which is the Display. The 6-inch IPS touchscreen display of Ayn Odin Pro comes with 1080p resolution. Playing games on this display feels quite satisfying, with bright and vibrant color accuracy.

Compared to Ayn Odin Pro, Steam Deck has a bit larger display. This 6- inch IPS LCD touchscreen has 1280x 800p resolution with a 16 by 10 aspect ratio. For a PC gaming handheld, this screen really does an incredible job when it comes to playing most modern games.


Moving on to the specs, Ayn Odin Pro uses the Snapdragon 845 with a boosted frequency of up to 2.8 GHz. As for the graphics, it uses Adreno 630 graphics Chip along with 8 GB LPDDR4 RAM and 128GB UFS 2.1 storage. And, the 6000 mAh battery can deliver up to six hours of playtime while a bit demanding games can deliver 3 hours at max.

In comparison, Steam Deck uses AMD Zen 2 processor with a boosted frequency of 3.5 GHz and for the graphics, it uses 8 Core RDNA 2 GPU with a 1.6 GHz boost frequency at max. With 16 GB LPDDR RAM, Steam Deck comes in three different internal storage- 64, 256, and 512 GB SSD. And with a 5313 mAh battery, it can deliver up to 2-8 hours of gameplay, depending on what game the user is playing.

Emulation Support

And that leaves us to our last part, which is price and emulation support.

Although Steam Deck is a PC gaming handheld, it also has a dedicated app “Emudeck,” for emulation support on the device. Users can simply just download the app on the device. Once it’s done, users can easily choose their favorite emulators with many options available such as Genesis, SegaCD, NES, Dreamcast, PSP, and so on. 

The Ayn Odin Pro also comes with various emulation supports like- N64 emulation, SegaSaturn, Dreamcast, PSP, PS2, Vulkan Wii, Vulkan Nintendo, and many more.

Final Verdict

The main difference between the Steam Deck and the Ayn Odin Pro is – The Steam Deck obviously the most powerful PC gaming handheld that still remains unbeatable for its performance and specs. But, when you look at the Ayn Odin Pro, this android gaming handheld is also the best in its class. From performance to price, it really does a good job being a modern android gaming handheld. So, if you are a retro gaming fan and looking for a modern gaming handheld with good performance, then go for the Ayn Odin Pro. And if you want something portable and powerful enough to play modern AAA games, then Steam Deck is the right choice for you. So that was all about the comparison between Ayn Odin Pro and Steam Deck.

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