ACEBELL Wireless 1080P Video Phone IP Doorbell Review

ACEBELL Wireless Video Doorbell

Even when you aren’t home, you can see who is on the other side of your door thanks to smart doorbell cameras. A smart video doorbell can help you decide which knocks need to be answered right away and which ones can wait until the next time, whether you are working in your backyard, cuddled up on the sofa, working diligently in your office, or relaxing on a beach in the Bahamas. These smart video doorbells record footage of the front so whenever you want you can see the previous recording like the CCTV footage.

Let’s introduce the ACEBELL Wireless Video Doorbell that would take your home security to another level. It can send notifications to your phone to show you who is calling without you needing to open the door or even be at home thanks to its integrated motion-activated camera with a microphone, speaker, and doorbell.

ACEBELL Wireless Video Doorbell

One smart resolution from Ace Bell Wireless video doorbell is a great example of how any Penny spent for your home security is a wise investment. It comes with a motion-detecting wide-angle full HD camera that detects all sorts of movement within 3 meters in front of the door and also notifies homeowners of any suspicious activities in real time.


Power Source: Battery Powered

Mounting Type: Wall Mount

Video capture resolution: 1080p

Special Feature: Local Recording, 2 Way Audio, HD Resolution, Night Vision, Motion Sensor

Wireless Technology

It’s a real wireless video door phone, so you don’t need any wire to connect indoor and outdoor devices. What’s more interesting is that this device doesn’t need WiFi to transmit as Ace build true Wireless is the only device in the market that has its own patented 915 megahertz Network signal that can transmit wirelessly to both the outdoor doorable camera and indoor monitor. It’s penetration ability is strong and the valid signal distance is up to 150 meters indoors which is 3 times of WiFi. It works immediately just after turning it on. However, the indoor monitor needs a power supply all the time.

ACEBELL Wireless Video Doorbell

Night Vision and Audio

The ACEBELL Wireless Video Doorbell has a day/night vision that switches up automatically. The camera is equipped with 4 advanced infrared night vision lights, it can automatically switch between day and night mode according to the light environment. So, this doorbell is a great option even when the lights go down and it’s Pitch Black outside. In fact, the night vision camera and built-in mics automatically turn on to illuminate the surroundings and provide you with two-way audio communication. Additionally, the intelligent night vision camera can also adapt to outside conditions so that users can clearly see who is outside and communicate with them in Crystal Clear real-time video calls.

ACEBELL Wireless Video Doorbell


It comes with a motion detection feature, so when the visitor will press the doorbell, the indoor display will light up and display the outdoor. Elders and youngsters alike can see well and decide whether or not to unlock.

It has a built-in PIR sensor that gets triggered by any unusual events and sends real-time notifications. And its 170° wide-angle view 1080P camera lets you view the outside of your house clearly anytime and anywhere on the indoor monitor.

You don’t have to worry about data loss as videos and pictures are stored on the TF card which is in the indoor display. 

And if you’re worried about how this smart video doorbell would struggle under extreme weather conditions well it won’t. With ip65 certification, it’ll give you the peace of mind you need on a rainy day. this video doorbell also comes with a portable 7-inch monitor that will allow you to clearly see whatever is going on outside your humble abode features.

ACEBELL Wireless Video Doorbell

Wrapping Up

Overall the ACEBELL Wireless video doorbell is a great smart home security solution that will keep a watchful eye on your home and loved ones. With motion detection, real-time monitoring, a wide-angle camera, night vision function, and 2-way audio this smart video doorbell proves to be a feature-packed product.

Samiul Haque

Samiul Haque

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