ZECHIN Samba SE 3-in-1 Charging Station Review

ZECHIN 3-in-1 Charging Station Review

Investing in a wireless charger might be a terrific way for you to improve your iPhone experience. It’s simpler than ever to choose wireless charging for your iPhone and finally do rid of the cord. There are tons of convincing reasons why one should switch to wireless charging for their iPhones. With a wireless mobile charger, you can easily put an end to the limitations of using lightning cables, micro-USB cables, and USB power converters. But how does this wireless charging station works? Simply put, both your phone and the charging pad include coils, often constructed of silver-plated copper or aluminum. When you put the phone on the charger, an electromagnetic field is produced. A current is created from the field, which is then transformed into direct current (DC) energy and sent to the battery.

However, many people were skeptical about wireless charging stations as they used to be a lot slower than conventional cable charging. But the times have changed now, wireless charging has become a lot faster and more convenient. When it comes to wireless charging, Apple wasn’t the first to the scene. In fact, it’s been five years iPhone adopted wireless charging accessibility. Here, we have brought 3-in-1 Charging Station for iPhones from ZECHIN that boasts a lightweight design and fast charging. Let’s dive deep into this. 

ZECHIN 3-in-1 Charging Station

Say goodbye to messy charging cables and keep the Zechin Samba SE on your desk, a 3-in-1 Charging Station that can simultaneously charge three of your devices. 


  • Connector Type: Wireless
  • Input: 18W DC
  • WEIGHT: 0.73 lb
  • Wireless Charger Output: iPhone 7.5W / AirPods 5W / Apple Watch 2.5W
  • Compatible Devices: Smartphones, Smartwatches, Air Pods


This charging station has a modern design that will look like a piece of art on your desk. You would be really impressed with its sleek and modern design. And the cable-free setup will provide a minimalist aesthetic. Thus, you don’t have to deal with the hassle of cords. Overheating is a problem that most people face with their charging stations. However, this ZECHIN 3-in-1 Charging Station has specially designed heating emission holes at the bottom that can solve overheating issues of wireless charging.

Fast Charging and Compatibility 

It comes with an 18-watt adapter. And supports 7.5-watt wireless charging for iPhones, 5-watt for AirPods, 2.5-watts for Apple Watch, and up to 10 watts for other Chi-enabled phones. It has passed the Apple MFi certification and can be used with all MagSafe-compatible Apple products. With the Samba SE 3-in-1 charging station, you can now simultaneously charge your iPhone, Apple Watch, and AirPods. Three wireless charging pads keep your workplace tidy while making charging simple. Delete the clutter of charging cords.

Stability and Convenience

There are many charging stations out there that are not stable or magnetic enough and make your device slip or fall. The pads are magnetic, so you can rest assured your devices will stay in place and not fall off. This device has three wireless charging pads that make juicing up your gadgets extremely easy. On top of that, it’s pretty convenient as it’s case-friendly, so you won’t have to remove the phone case while charging.

Wrapping Up

So, with a modern and sleek-looking design, the Zechin Samba SE is a must-have if you want to juice up three of your devices wirelessly at the same time. Who wouldn’t like the option to charge wirelessly, especially if it comes with the convenience of fast charging? So, try out this 3-in-1 charging station, you might get fond of this, it will light up your space and make your charging process more convenient. 

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