Yarbo: The Multi-Functional Intelligent Yard Maintenance Robot

Yarbo: The Multi-Functional Outdoor Robot

You wake on a cold morning only to find your doorway locked by snow. You must feel quite agitated because now you have to shovel a mountain of snow in order to clear the yard. Not anymore with the new snow blower technology. Now the question remains how does it work?

A snow blower, usually referred to as a snow thrower, is a tool used to clear snow from places including roads, sidewalks, and driveways. It functions by scooping up snow with an auger or impeller and launching it out of a chute.

Snow blowers come in a variety of styles, including electric and gas-powered ones. While some versions are more robust and can withstand heavier snowfalls, others are built for smaller regions and milder snowfalls. Snow blowers are particularly helpful in regions with high snowfall or for people who are physically unable to shovel snow. They are common equipment for those who live in colder areas since they may save a lot of time and work compared to physically shoveling snow. 

About Yarbo 

Yarbo Inc. is a technology company based in New York that specializes in developing and providing autonomous yard robots for various yard maintenance tasks. The company was originally inspired by the idea of creating a snow blower robot, which led to the development of the world’s first autonomous snow removal robot for residential use, the Snowbot S1 beta test version.

After the success of Snowbot, Yarbo Inc. shifted its focus to developing intelligent yard robots that can cater to all-season and multi-scene demands. The company’s products are designed to provide a range of services, including cleaning, entertainment, and other functions, and they are meant to be autonomous and easy to use. They are also building a strong brand name for themselves by generating a fund of 1 Million on Kickstarter. They also have some strong competitors- MTD Products, Robomow, Robin Autopilot, and Electric Sheep. Yarbo ranks 10th among 75 active competitors.

Yarbo: The Multi-Functional Outdoor Robot

Overview of Yarbo

There are now a number of autonomous robots that can clear snow and mow grass. However, the modular Yarbo robot can maintain both grass and snow in addition to clearing away any trash or dead leaves. Yarbo’s intelligent yard robots use advanced technologies such as computer vision, AI, and machine learning to perform their tasks. The Yard-robots are equipped with sensors and cameras that allow them to navigate and interact with their environment, identify and avoid obstacles, and provide real-time data and feedback. They have five prominent products- Yarbo Snow Blower S1, Yarbo Lawn Mower M1, Yarbo Blower B1, Yarbo Power Station, and Yarbo Family. The company’s products have received positive reviews for their effectiveness and ease of use. Customers have praised Yarbo’s yard robots for their ability to perform a variety of tasks, including mowing lawns, picking up debris, and even providing entertainment with built-in speakers and screens.

Yarbo: The Multi-Functional Outdoor Robot

The Technology

The Yarbo is a versatile, motorized outdoor robot that consists of a rubber-tracked base unit, which can be equipped with any of three specific modules to cater to a user’s needs. The Lawn Mower module features two spinning blades, enabling users to adjust the grass-cutting width up to 20 inches (508 mm) and height from 1.2 to 4 inches (30 to 102 mm). The Snow Blower module has a powered auger, which draws in dry, wet, or packed snow up to 12 inches deep (305 mm), along with an impeller that throws snow in any direction from 6 to 40 feet (1.8 to 12.2 m). It has a snow-gathering width of 21 inches (533 mm). The Blower module, on the other hand, comes with an underside fan nozzle that delivers a leaf-blowing breeze of up to 119 mph (192 km/h). Users can adjust the air volume and speed of the blower using an accompanying app. All three modules are equipped with a millimeter-wave radar unit and a camera that allow them to detect and avoid obstacles.

The Yarbo uses GPS to orient itself within a predefined area for mowing/blowing, determining the most efficient path to cover that area. Unlike some other lawn-mowing robots, it doesn’t require perimeter wires or beacons. It can also handle slopes with a grade of up to 68 percent, and it automatically returns to its docking station when its task is complete. The robot’s 36V/38.4-Ah lithium-ion battery is wirelessly recharged at the docking station and operates at temperatures down to -30º C (-22º F). The battery can be removed from the Yarbo and used as a portable power station. With one 2-hour charge, the Yarbo can mow for two hours, snow-blow for 90 minutes (at a snow height of 5 in/127 mm), or blow leaves for 50 minutes.

Yarbo: The Multi-Functional Outdoor Robot


The Yarbo is a highly advanced and adaptable outdoor robot with a variety of modules for leaf blowing, snow removal, and grass mowing. It uses cutting-edge navigational and obstacle-avoiding technology, such as millimeter-wave radar and GPS, making it a practical and secure alternative for homes. The Yarbo is a dependable outdoor robot that can undertake a variety of jobs with little assistance from humans thanks to its ability to manage hills and its long-lasting battery. It’s a great addition to any regimen for outdoor upkeep because of its many features and user-friendly software.

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