wo-we 1080P Windows Hello Face Recognition Webcam Review

wo-we 1080P Windows Hello Face Recognition Webcam Review

If you want to appear good in Zoom or Teams video conversations, a nice webcam will do that job. However, if you expect more than just an optical sensor from your webcam and other privacy features, then there’re specialized webcams that support Windows Hello. So, why would you need a Windows Hello Webcam? Well, Microsoft’s quick-login solution for Windows 10 or Windows 11 logs you into the operating system in a split second using your fingerprint, biometric, or face recognition.

Let’s introduce, the wo-we 1080P Windows Hello Face Recognition Webcam so you can say Goodbye to the complicated Windows 10 & Windows 11 Login Passwords and bring convenience and efficiency to your virtual meetings. Due to its practical security features, it makes it logical for consumers to combine a desktop computer or laptop with this wo-we 1080P Windows Hello Face Recognition Webcam

wo-we Face Recognition Webcam Review

Virtual meetings are becoming the new standard, and having a reliable webcam with top-of-the-line privacy features is a must. And if you are looking for one, you might want to check out this perky 1080p webcam from Wo-We.


  • Screen Size: 40 Inches
  • Power: 5V/900mA
  • Camcorder type: Video Camera 
  • Connectivity Technology: Infrared, USB
  • IR Camera resolution: 640 x 480
  • RGB Camera resolution: 1920×1080
  • IR LED Centroid wavelength: 850 nm
  • Audio: USB2.0 Audio Codec
  • I/O Port: USB3.0 x 1 (USB2.0 for data, USB3.0 for power)
  • Range Distance: 12 ~40 inches

Design and Convenience

Design-wise, the webcam looks minimal yet has a premium touch. On the front, it has two built-in microphones that are decent in quality and will come in handy while talking in virtual meetings. Aside from that, there is an Infrared and Video Camera with LED indicators of their own.

It uses facial recognition to unlock your laptop or desktop in less than one second after you log in. The suggested range for the webcam’s distance from the face is 12 to 40 inches. It also allows identifying multiple faces with different accounts easily.

wo-we 1080P Windows Hello Face Recognition Webcam Review

Privacy Feature

What we liked the most about this camera is the Privacy Switch that can be used to cover the lens when you are not using it. To turn off the webcam when it is not in use, slide the switch to the right until a red dot appears in the center of the camera’s lens.

When using the webcam for face recognition login, online conferences, streaming, or online learning, slide the switch to the left.

This webcam provides anti-hacking & anti-spoofing features. The infrared camera that we have mentioned earlier also provides reliable privacy against unauthorized access. For example, a user enters their own biometric identification to access the device-specific credentials, so a hacker cannot connect in to the device unless they have the PIN. Moreover, photos failed to pass the Windows Hello Anti-spoofing mechanism’s authentication test, in fact, it will block the hacker immediately.

wo-we 1080P Windows Hello Face Recognition Webcam Review

Easy Set Up

Setting it up with the screen was plain and simple, given its built-in clamp that offers upward and downward adjustments as well. It connects to the device via a USB-A port and doesn’t require additional software installations for usage. Simply put, you can just plug it in, and it’s readily available to use.

Webcam and Dual Mics

You will have a professional and delightful experience with online conferences, streaming, and video chat thanks to the excellent image resolution of 1920x1080p. Built-in dual microphones improve the audio of your video for conference, streaming, recording, and calling.

 image resolution of 1920x1080p

Wrapping Up

So, whether it is live streaming, business conferencing, or participating in online classes, the Wo-We 1080p camera will support you through all of it. Together with all the Windows Hello features, logging in to Windows will seem pretty seamless too.

Joe Pfeffer

Joe Pfeffer

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