Why are We Still Indulged With DSLR Camera?

While brands like Sony, Canon and Nikon are moving forward with mirrorless technology, the fight between DSLR and Mirrorless cameras is still raging. Mirrorless Cameras have become dominant in the market with their small form factor, advanced autofocus system, incredible burst rates and plenty of others. Plus, Cameras like Canon EOS R5 C and Sony A1 open up all kinds of innovation potential for creative professionals. But, on the other hand, DSLR cameras have reached their maximum potential. As a result, the development of DSLR cameras has stopped across all the camera manufacturers. So, it’s clear that the future is mirrorless cameras. But still, many photographers prefer to use the DSLR over the mirrorless camera. To know more, watch this video till the end, where we will try to explain why we think people are still indulged with DSLR cameras.

Why are We Still Indulged With DSLR Camera?

Look, there’s no denying that mirrorless cameras have made our lives so much easier with their cutting-edge technologies. Still, there is something extraordinary about the DSLRs that we keep coming back to them. Some photographers continue to use DSLRs for financial reasons since the prices are falling. In addition, there are much larger libraries of lenses for DSLRs over the Mirrorless system.

Besides, DSLR cameras have been refined and improved to such a level that they have become the cameras of choice for prominent professional photographers. Just take the Nikon D850 or the D6 as an example. They are nearly perfect in almost every single way. They have crazy continuous shooting, blazing fast autofocus, and excellent image quality. Moreover, top-class DSLRs are robust, reliable, fast and accurate, with a battery life that’s unimaginable in mirrorless cameras. With a DSLR camera, you are sure that it will work every time. Therefore, having a camera that gives you confidence is invaluable in the professional world. Plus, some professionals feel more comfortable with a machine that’s large and bulky.

Lastly, there will always be those people who have zero interest in mirrorless cameras and prefer something different from the crowd, like preferring an Optical Viewfinder over the Electronic Viewfinder. Because looking at the world through a non-electric system still has something unique to offer. Some might have a good collection of classic lenses that they hold very close to and don’t intend to part with them. In the end, technology moves on, but the joy of using classics will last forever!

DSLR Production Will Continue for Some Time

While many seem to be wishing for a quick and sudden death for the DSLR camera, we seriously doubt that it will happen anytime soon. It’s true that recently Canon’s CEO Fujio Mitarai stated that Canon planned to abandon flagship DSLR cameras since they see the future with mirrorless technology. However, he also acknowledges that the demand for beginner DSLR cameras is vital in foreign countries. That’s why they are still planning to continue investing in the R & D sector. So, we hope to see DSLR production from both Canon and Nikon for at least a decade because Canon stopped the production of the EOS-1v film camera three years ago. Plus. it took Nikon even longer to discontinue its F6 in October 2020, which was in production for a whopping 16 long years! 


So that was all about why we think people are still indulged with DSLR cameras. Cameras are usually being chosen by personal preference. Although many wish for a quick death of DSLR cameras, some believe there is a lot more to explore in large libraries of lenses for DSLRs. 

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