Why Louis Vuitton Horizon Light Up Speaker is So Expensive?

Louis Vuitton Horizon Light Up Speaker

Louis Vuitton is a brand that practically smells like freshly minted dollar bills, and it’s no surprise that the portable speakers they brought in the market will follow the same thread. In today’s article, we will go through the specs of the LV Horizon Light Up Speakers and come to a conclusion on whether the enormous price tag of almost 3000$ is justified or not.

Product Origin & Reason:

Designer tech is a piping hot trend for fashionistas all around the world. Almost all fashion brands have dabbled in the technology sector, and LV refuses to stay behind. Thus, the Horizon Light Up Speaker was created. It’s always interesting to see companies who weren’t previously that deep into the tech world have their rendition in the tech universe. Sometimes this process either creates horrible and tasteless products that have no purpose but to collect dust. Other times, it makes incredibly fascinating and unique-looking gadgets that leave their mark on history. With the LV Horizon, LV is trying to leave its mark in history.

Design & Materials

A company that is well renowned for making handbags and fashion items, LV’s latest attempt falls under the audio tech category. It comes with the title of Horizon Light Up Speaker and has prominent designer looks and an incredibly expensive price tag. With that being said, it’s evident at this point how LV, a notoriously high-class company, has put all its ideas of beautification on a Bluetooth speaker set, resulting in a visually mesmerizing and unique-looking design. The design has a striking resemblance to LV’s very own Toupie Handbag. In terms of materials, the speaker uses top-quality polished and matte stainless steel, premium-grade, black perforated and embossed leather with monogram pattern, and tempered glass with black color printing. In traditional LV style, it also incorporates the emblematic signatures of the company on the speaker. All of that combined makes this particular set of wireless speakers visually stand out among its peers.

Functionality & Specs

The name on the speaker isn’t just a name but also indicates what it does. This speaker can synchronize with your music to create a beautiful display of lights for you and people around you to enjoy. There is also a digital interpretation of the Monogram flower, which screams out brand recognition. But is it as beautiful on the inside as it is on the outside? The speaker comes with a 3-inch woofer which boasts both omnidirectional and unidirectional sound options. It also has Bluetooth 5.1 and Apple Airplay, making it very attractive to people in the Apple Ecosystem. In terms of batteries and charging, this speaker can play music for up to 15 hours which gets fully charged in only 1 hour and 30 mins. For phone calls, there are three separate microphones and a Qualcomm7 QCS 404 SoC (System-On-Chips).

LV has a world-renowned spirit of traveling, and with the Horizon, they wanted to inspire the same enthusiasm. Moreover, the speaker is very lightweight; thus, you can easily take this with you on your adventures.

Is It Worth It?

Now, if you’re a big fan of LV or any designer brands in general, you’re going to hugely appreciate the Horizon Light Up Speakers, as LV didn’t pull any punches and delivered exceptional craftsmanship or handwork, but what about the price? Well, we need to understand that the concept of “Price” is very subjective and varies from person to person. Suppose you’re the kind of person who thinks 3000$ is chump-change and have a thing for LV or any other designer brand; the Horizon light-up speaker will undoubtedly inspire greatness and a sense of superiority. However, on the other hand, considering how you can get a full-fledged Bose Lifestyle 600 home entertainment system at almost the same price, it makes an average user wonder if the price is worth it.

With the LV Horizon, it’s not about the price but perception. In our opinion, if you’re into the idea of possessing and appreciating beautiful craftsmanship, supreme materials, and brand recognition, this one’s for you. But, at the same time, we cannot blame you for not wanting these speakers for the availability of better products in this price range. So that was our take on why the Horizon Light Up speakers from LV are so expensive.

Joe Pfeffer

Joe Pfeffer

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