Why Are There Only Two Major CPU Companies?

Why Are There Only Two Major CPU Companies

When building a new computer, there are plenty of brands of computer components available for you to choose from. But have you ever thought about why Intel and AMD are the only two CPU brands that almost all Desktop widely uses? Read on to find out. 


It all began in 1981 when the first IBM Personal Computer integrated Intel’s x86 Instruction Set to power up their computer. This personal computer was an enormous success in the consumer market due to its simplicity and ease of use. Followed by this, programmers began working on codes and applications for this x86 system. That eventually pushed other competitors out of the market.

Intel’s Domination

Later on, Intel began licensing their x86 architecture to several other brands that included  AMD, Cyrix, and IBM to meet the rising demand of the architecture. At this point, Intel was an industry giant that dominated the market above everyone else. 

Eventually, Intel’s x86 license to AMD backfired when AMD began improving on the x86 architecture and later came up with the x64 Instruction Set.

Intel Vs AMD

Fast forward to current times, Intel and AMD have taken the CPU market by storm with their fierce competition. AMD’s Ryzen processor lineup is giving Intel a hard time, while Intel’s penetration on the laptop market is keeping AMD far, for now.

As the competition grew more and more, we are getting to see plenty of high-performing processors, such as the upcoming 12th Gen Alder Lake from Intel and the Zen 3 Chips from AMD.

Other Manufacturers

Besides AMD, several other CPU brands also took licenses of the x86 architecture from Intel. One of them was Cyrix, who promised to provide high-end performance to the users but failed to keep them in the end.

We also have Apple’s M1 chip, which has superb efficiency while performing heavy workloads, but sadly it is exclusive to Apple devices. Looking at the mobile market, Snapdragon is currently in high demand among smartphone users as they mostly prefer it over other chips. But then again, it is limited to the smartphone industry.

Final Verdict

Although plenty of CPU companies exist on the market, they come nowhere closer to what Intel and AMD have in store for the consumer sector. Also, years of expertise, knowledge, and loyal fanbase has enabled these two companies to have a stronger footprint in the industry.  In simple terms, competing against these industry giants is a tough nut to crack. And that is why we always get to see only two CPU companies on the market.

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