Velotric Discover 2 Review: A Premium Experience at an Affordable Price

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Velotric, the up-and-coming electric bike brand, has truly outdone itself with the latest iteration of its popular Discover series. The Velotric Discover 2 is a game-changer in the world of commuter e-bikes, boasting a remarkable blend of performance, features, and value that’s hard to match.

Whether you’re a daily commuter looking to ditch the car or a casual rider seeking a fun and convenient way to explore your surroundings, the Discover 2 could be the perfect companion. Let’s dive in and discover what makes this e-bike a compelling choice.

Specs and Features

Here are the key specs and features of the Velotric Discover 2 electric bike:


Motor: 750W continuous-rated, 1,100W peak brushless rear hub motor with 75 Nm of torque

Battery: 48V 14.7Ah (705Wh) battery pack with Samsung/LG cells, IPX7 waterproof rating. provides maximum range of 75 miles

Top Speed: 28 mph (45 km/h) 

Range: Up to 75 miles (120 km) on pedal-assist

Transmission: Shimano Altus 8-speed derailleur

Brakes: 180mm hydraulic disc brakes

Tires: Kenda 27.5 x 2.4″

Certifications: UL2849 and UL2271 certified for battery and electrical system

Weight Capacity: 440 lbs (200 kg)

Weight: 63 lbs (28.5 kg)

Key Features:

15 Levels of Pedal Assist: 3 riding modes (Eco, Trail, Boost) with 5 levels each for fine-tuned performance

Torque Sensor: Provides a natural and responsive pedal-assist experience

Hydraulic Suspension: 80mm travel hydraulic front fork with lockout

Waterproofing: IPX7 rated battery, IPX6 rated for the entire bike

Apple Find My Integration: Allows you to track your bike using your iPhone

Adjustable Handlebar Stem: For a personalized fit

Integrated Lights & Turn Signals: Front and rear lights, including brake light and turn signals

Rear Rack & Fenders: Premium MIK HD 66 LBS Included for added practicality.

UL Certification: Ensures rigorous safety standards are met

Assembly and Build Quality

Receiving the Velotric Discover 2 is an exciting experience, as the bike arrives mostly pre-assembled, requiring only a few minor adjustments to get it road-ready.

Assembly and Build Quality

When you first open the box, you’ll be greeted by the sleek and well-protected Discover 2, with the various accessories and tools neatly packed alongside. The attention to detail in the packaging is immediately apparent, with each component carefully placed to ensure safe transit.

Assembling the bike is a straightforward process, even for those new to e-bikes. The included toolkit and step-by-step instructions guide you through the simple tasks, such as attaching the front wheel, installing the handlebars, and securing the pedals. 

The entire process can be completed in under 30 minutes, leaving you eager to take your new Discover 2 for a spin.

As you begin to inspect the bike more closely, the quality of the components and construction becomes evident. 

The aluminum frame feels incredibly solid and well-engineered, with clean welds and a sturdy, durable appearance. This frame design allows for a more upride riding position, making it less fatiguing even on long rides. It’s super easy for elderly people to get on and off the bike due to the low step-through point of the frame. The hydraulic disc brakes, Shimano drivetrain, and high-end motor all contribute to the sense of premium craftsman. 

Unparalleled Power and Precision

At the heart of the Discover 2 is a powerhouse of a proprietary motor. Velotric has equipped this bike with a 750W continuous-rated, 1,100W peak brushless rear hub motor, delivering an impressive 75 Nm of torque. This, coupled with the bike’s 15 levels of pedal assist, ensures you’ll have ample power to conquer even the steepest hills with ease.

Unparalleled Power and Precision

The motor seamlessly integrates with your pedaling, delivering power proportional to your input, making for a truly intuitive and enjoyable ride.

The high-precision torque sensor, combined with the Velopower electronic control system, provides more responsive power delivery, offering an unprecedentedly smooth riding experience.

Uncompromising Versatility

The Discover 2 is a true multi-purpose electric bike. Velotric has equipped this model with three distinct riding modes – Eco, Trail, and Boost – each with five levels of pedal assist. 

This means you can fine-tune the bike’s performance to suit your needs, whether you’re seeking maximum efficiency, off-road capability, or pure adrenaline-pumping speed.

ModeSpeed Range
Eco12-20 mph
Trail15-25 mph
Boost20-28 mph

Impressively, the Discover 2 can reach a top speed of 28 mph in its Boost mode, yet it can also be limited to a more pedestrian-friendly 20 mph for those who prefer a leisurely commute. This level of versatility is a testament to Velotric’s commitment to providing a well-rounded ride for every type of rider.

Safety and Waterproofing 

The Velotric Discover 2 isn’t just a powerful e-bike – it’s also built to withstand the rigors of daily use. The frame and components have been meticulously engineered to meet and exceed industry standards, with the bike being tested to 150% of the ISO 4210 requirements.

Safety and Waterproofing 

One of the standout features is the bike’s impressive waterproofing. The battery is IPX7 rated, meaning it can be submerged in up to 1 meter of water for 30 minutes without any issues. The rest of the bike is IPX6 rated, making it capable of withstanding high-pressure water jets, ensuring you can ride worry-free through the rain or even power-wash the frame without concern.

Velotric has also gone the extra mile when it comes to safety, equipping the Discover 2 with UL2849 and UL2271 certifications. These industry-leading safety standards ensure that the bike’s electrical components and battery system have been thoroughly tested and approved for use.

A Commuter’s Dream Come True

The Velotric Discover 2 isn’t just a powerful and durable electric bike – it’s also packed with features that are needed for urban commuters. The bike comes equipped with a set of front and rear fenders, a premium MIK HD 66 LBs rear rack, and integrated front and rear lights, including a brake light and turn signals.

But the real standout feature is the bike’s Cruise Control, allowing you to effortlesly go ont hose long rides. They have also included Apple’s Find My. Thanks to this integration, you can track the location of your Discover 2 using your iPhone, providing peace of mind against potential theft.

The bike’s ergonomics have also been meticulously designed to provide a comfortable riding experience. The adjustable stem and handlebars allow you to find the perfect fit, while the 80mm hydraulic suspension fork helps to smooth out the bumps and vibrations of the road.

Real-World Performance

When it comes to real-world performance, the Velotric Discover 2 truly shines, delivering an exceptional experience in a variety of riding scenarios.

Range and Battery Life 

One of the key concerns for any electric bike is its range and battery life, and the Discover 2 excels in this regard. Velotric’s claim of up to 75 miles on a single charge is no exaggeration, as I was able to achieve impressive results during my testing.

Even with a strong headwind and frequent use of the throttle, the Discover 2 managed to cover an outstanding 30.8 miles on a single charge, with the battery indicator still showing a respectable 46% capacity remaining. 

This demonstrates the bike’s efficient power management and the high-quality Samsung/LG battery cells, which provide ample juice for your daily commute and beyond.

The bike’s intuitive prepriotory battery management system also deserves praise, as it seamlessly transitions between pedal-assist and throttle-only mode as the battery level drops. 

This ensures you can always rely on the Discover 2 to get you to your destination, even when the battery is running low.

Hill Climbing Abilities 

Conquering hills are where the Discover 2’s impressive motor and torque really shine. Equipped with a 750W continuous-rated, 1,100W peak brushless rear hub motor and 75 Nm of torque, this e-bike easily tackles even the steepest inclines.

During my testing, I put Discover 2’s hill-climbing prowess to the test on a challenging 15% grade. With the bike in Boost mode, I effortlessly powered up the hill, experiencing no noticeable lack of power or strain on the motor. 

The bike’s torque-sensing technology and seamless pedal-assist integration made the climb feel almost effortless, even for a less experienced rider.

Handling, Comfort, and Braking

The Velotric Discover 2 is designed with the daily commuter in mind, and its handling, comfort, and braking performance reflect this focus.

The bike’s 80mm hydraulic suspension fork does an excellent job of smoothing out bumps and vibrations, providing a comfortable ride even on less-than-perfect city streets.

The 220 mm width saddle made with vacuum molding technology provides solid support for your hips, ensuring you won’t feel fatigued even on long run.

The wide, puncture-resistant tires further contribute to the bike’s stable and confidence-inspiring handling, allowing you to navigate around obstacles and through tight spaces with ease.

Braking is another area where the Discover 2 excels. The powerful 180mm hydraulic disc brakes deliver superior stopping power, allowing you to feel in control even at higher speeds. 

During my emergency braking tests, the bike consistently came to a safe and stable stop, instilling a sense of security and trust in the rider.

The bike’s overall ergonomics and adjustability also deserve praise. The adjustable stem and handlebars enable you to find the perfect riding position, while the comfortable saddle and well-placed pedals contribute to a more enjoyable and efficient ride, whether you’re commuting or enjoying a leisurely weekend adventure.

Handling, Comfort, and Braking

Pricing and Availability

Despite its impressive features and robust construction, the Velotric Discover 2 remains remarkably affordable. Priced at $1,699, the bike represents an exceptional value proposition in the crowded e-bike market. 

This makes it a compelling option for those seeking a well-equipped, premium-feeling e-bike without the premium price tag.

Velotric offers free shipping within the contiguous United States and includes a two-year warranty on the bike. 

Additionally, the company provides further discounts when purchasing multiple bikes, making the Discover 2 an attractive choice for families or those looking to share the e-bike experience.

Wrapping Up 

Velotric Discover 2 is a standout entry in the crowded e-bike market, delivering a premium experience at a surprisingly affordable price point. 

With its robust proprietary motor, UL-certified 2271 long-lasting battery, comfortable ergonomics, and practical accessories, the Discover 2 checks all the boxes for both commuters and casual riders alike.

While it may not be the absolute fastest or most feature-packed e-bike on the market, the Velotric Discover 2 strikes an impressive balance between performance, quality, and value, especially in its price range. 

If you’re in the market for a well-rounded, versatile e-bike that won’t break the bank, the Discover 2 is definitely worth a closer look.

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