Unchartered Supply Co. – Your Survival Companion

Unchartered Supply Co. - Your Survival Companion

What is your basic idea of the word “survival”? Survival isn’t always about thinking of yourself as Bear Grylls, making a way out of a challenging scenario. Now, that’s an adventure itself, but here we’re talking about real emergencies, like floods, earthquakes, and many other natural disasters. For those, most of us aren’t even well-prepared. Christian Schauf, was a serial adventurer, athlete, entrepreneur, and philanthropist, but most importantly, a man who saw a need and decided to do something about it.

And so, in 2016, Uncharted Supply Co. was born. Uncharted Supply Co – a company dedicated to providing high-quality survival gear for outdoor enthusiasts. With a focus on innovation and durability, Uncharted Supply Co offers a wide range of products, including emergency kits, backpacks, and first aid supplies. Although now we see them standing in the light, but did we ever think about how it started? Let’s find out how the Uncharted Supply Company started from Indiegogo and came such a long way till here, where we see them now.

The Rise of the Uncharted Supply Co.

From the very start of the company to where they are right now, the story we barely know is quite interesting and deeply rooted in technology. To bring Schauf’s vision to life, they started their journey from a crowdfunding platform we all know, Indiegogo. In October of 2016, Uncharted Supply Company’s very first product, the Seventy2 Survival System came to its first appearance. In just a few short weeks, that campaign raised a staggering 350 thousand dollars, and almost half a million by the end of the campaign.

The Seventy2 Survival System, the very first item produced by Uncharted Supply Company, made its debut in October 2016.
The Seventy2 Survival System, the very first item produced by Uncharted Supply Company, made its debut in October 2016.

This overwhelming response was made possible by the company’s innovative use of technology, from its sophisticated marketing strategies to its cutting-edge product design. Such a response from their backers was surely a surprise for them, yet to be very helpful in bringing the theory of the Seventy2 Survival System into reality. And from that moment on, the company was off and running, paving the way for a new era of survival gear that is both high-tech and high-quality.

Current State

The inception of Uncharted was truly remarkable as it received an astounding response on Indiegogo. However, their triumphs didn’t end there. The company made significant strides and gained recognition from esteemed organizations such as Shark Tank and the Museum of Modern Art. Uncharted’s innovative products even caught the attention of government and private security agencies, marking a pivotal moment for the company’s growth. Now, that was the transformative time for the company, and Schauf wasn’t alone. 

An entire team of creative people was with him who built such high-tech survival gear and marketed them. And there’s Venture Best, who was also a great help to fund and take Uncharted’s further projects to the next level. Uncharted’s second product, called “The Zeus” was also quite successful as an emergency car jump starter. During an interview with Natfluence, Christian Schauf said, the overwhelming stories of their customers, attesting to the ease and safety Uncharted’s products provide, continue to inspire the company’s progress. Till now, Uncharted boasts an expanded product line that is readily available in more than 200 retail stores, providing the utmost protection and preparedness, bolstering their customers’ confidence in the face of any unforeseen circumstances.

Uncharted has an extensive product line available in more than 200 stores
Uncharted has an extensive product line available in more than 200 stores.

Popular Product Line

Uncharted may have started with all the high-tech survival gear items, but didn’t limit themselves to that. Later on, the company bought reliable gear items for many other outdoor categories, like hunting, mountaineering, camping, UTV, and so on! Consumers continue to place their trust in Uncharted’s merchandise and devices, just like their most popular Seventy2.

Survival System and the Rapid Raft. The Rapid Raft is another innovative and successful project that made them more popular among survivalists and adventurers. Rapid Raft has its own reason to be this popular. It is THE lightest and most packable raft that can be deployed instantly and has military-grade construction. Then the car jump starter duo, the Zeus and the Athena, have likewise proved to be successful in meeting consumers’ “just in case” needs through their utilization of state-of-the-art technology. 

Uncharted’s wide range of first aid kits is also quite popular among outdoor enthusiasts for providing every basic to advanced medical supplies in a compact and organized package. Perhaps, what truly sets Uncharted apart is their keen understanding of crisis scenarios, which is reflected in the thoughtful design of each of their gear items. These products are engineered to be easily accessible to the user, regardless of the severity of the situation.

Regardless matter how serious the situation, these solutions are designed to be simple for the consumer to access.
Regardless matter how serious the situation is, these solutions are designed to be simple for the consumer to access.

Wrapping Up

In conclusion, Uncharted Supply Company has come a long way since its inception in 2016. With their innovative use of technology, they have managed to revolutionize the survival gear industry by providing high-tech and high-quality products that are readily available to the public. Uncharted’s success is a testament to the vision of Christian Schauf and the entire team of creative individuals who have worked tirelessly to bring the company here from an Indiegogo campaign. With a solid commitment to innovation and quality, Uncharted Supply Company is undoubtedly poised for continued growth and success in the years to come.

Samiul Haque

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