Turtle Beach Stealth Pro vs Steelseries Nova Pro Wireless

Turtle Beach Stealth Pro vs Steelseries Nova Pro Wireless

Over the last few years, headphones have seen a tremendous amount of upgrades that feature high-tech cans infused with cutting-edge technology that takes the quality of sound to another level! A headphone that falls under such a category is the new Stealth Pro from Turtle Beach which delivers the best Turtle Beach has to offer while being the most expensive variant yet. However, the latest from Steelseries’s high-end wireless cans is the Arctis Nova Pro Wireless which offers several features that make it stand out. So which one is better?

Well, in short answer – “The SteelSeries Arctis Nova Pro Wireless is considered the better option overall compared to the Turtle Beach Stealth Pro. It offers features like spatial audio, longer battery life, multi-platform connectivity, and detailed EQ settings. However, the Turtle Beach Stealth Pro is suitable for gamers seeking versatility and customizable features, while the SteelSeries Arctis Nova Pro Wireless is recommended for those prioritizing audio settings and longer battery life”

Turtle Beach Stealth Pro vs Steelseries Nova Pro Wireless

If you had to choose one from these amazing pairs of cans, which one would it be? In this article, we’ll discuss both cans and try to figure out which pair would be the right pick for you. So, let’s deep dive in.

SpecificationTurtle Beach Stealth ProSteelseries Nova Pro Wireless
ConnectivitySimultaneous dual-mode wireless2.4GHz and Bluetooth
Driver Size50mm40mm
Battery LifeUp To 24 hoursUp To 18 hours
Swappable BatteryYesYes

Design and Performance

With the stealth series being the most popular pick in Turtle Beach’s lineup, the production of the Stealth Pro had pushed the team back to the drawing board to work from scratch, and it results in a headphone that comes with a completely redesigned appearance. You won’t find any flimsy RGB elements here, nor any color stripes or hard angles like most gaming headphones come with, but a smooth, satisfying, and professionally minimalist outlook that just screams performance.

While it might look like a humble and minimalistic headphone, the performance is anything but! Jam-packed with technology and compelling features, the Stealth Pro from Turtle Beach comes with a plethora of compelling features, such as simultaneous and dual-mode wireless, active noise cancellation, swappable batteries, compatibility with almost all platforms, a reliable and customizable noise-canceling microphone. With a wired feature missing from the cans that first seems like an apparent drawback, the Stealth Pro is one of those headphones that make battery life the least of your concerns.

Steelseries Nova Pro Wireless
Steelseries Nova Pro Wireless

Now, in this corner, we have the latest from SteelSeries, the Arctis Nova Pro Wireless. This revisioned headset comes with a more sleek and adjustable design while coming with quality features like ANC, longer battery life, and of course, improved quality for the audio. And even more impressively, a way to tinker with your game and chat audio on a detailed basis. The way it justifies its high price is by delivering fantastic spatial audio for games and high-quality sound for music, along with multi-platform connectivity. The headbang, alongside a rigid metal headband and an elastic tension band, also comes with telescoping arms so that size is not an issue. You can adjust the elastic band to be tight or loose, and thanks to the metal construction, it’s prone to getting dusty real quick. The earcups are comparatively smaller and look more sleek and stylish in comparison.


The Stealth Pro uses hand-paired 50mm NanoClear Dynamic Drivers that come in a large size and can move a lot of air, resulting in a sound that’s powerful and dynamic. The boom microphone is also quite nice, since it acquires a full-bodied sound with a minimal amount of compression, all while dealing with environmental noise and filtering them out. When you get the hang of all the presets and learn the curves, the Turtle Beach Stealth Pro can easily be regarded as one of the best-sounding gaming headphones on the market right now. The microphone can be also customized with a number of preset EQs, and each of them sounds great. As a bonus, the microphone is also detachable, so whenever you feel like using them as a commuting headphone, the option to unplug is always there.

Turtle Beach Stealth Pro
Turtle Beach Stealth Pro

And for SteelSeries, it’s no surprise how the Arctis Nova Pro Wireless sounds as good as it looks, thanks to 40mm high-fidelity drivers and 360-degree spatial audio, essentially meaning it’s compatible with Dolby Atmos, Windows Sonic, and of course, the tempest 3D Audio from PlayStation 5. Right off the bat, you’ll get an incredible audio setup, but things get even more interesting once you start tinkering with the EQ and make per-game profiles. While not necessarily an audiophile-grade headphone, the SteelSeries Arctis Pro Nova is a pretty decent pick for music playback as well, essentially making it a fantastic do-it-all package.

Battery life

For battery life, both headphones come with swappable batteries that make charging and runtime the least of your worries. The swapping system in Turtle Beach Stealth Pro takes less than 25 seconds to swap and continue using.  However, if you do run dry, the dock also supports fast charging that provides 3 hours of listening time from 15 mins of charging. With both batteries, you can squeeze out 12 hours each, resulting in a solid 24 hours runtime.

However, SteelSeries takes the cake here since even with ANC turned on and while using 2.4ghz and Bluetooth at the same time, you’ll be able to juice out a solid 18 hours of performance, which is an amazing amount of playback time when considering the size of the batteries. And given the fact these batteries take about three hours to be fully recharged, by hot swapping these without turning the headphones off, you’re getting quote-unquote unlimited battery life, something you won’t find on any other headphones on the market.

Changing batteries are included with both headphones.

Audio Experience 

The Stealth Pro from Turtle Beach is an excellent gaming headset that sounds better than most headphones available today with a versatile equalizer that lets you tinker with the audio to make it sound the way you want it. Since ANC tech on gaming headsets is on the rise, the Stealth Pro does a pretty solid job at it, and paired with low-latency wireless, swappable batteries, the only reason you might want to go for anything else would be the Arctis Nova Pro from SteelSeries which just fills in the minute little gaps you may feel in the headset, thanks to outstanding sound quality, the unique concept of “unlimited battery”, simultaneous connectivity and a detailed eq and sonar settings. 

Wrapping Up

So that was our comparison between Turtle Beach Stealth Pro Vs. Steelseries Nova Pro Wireless. The Turtle Beach Stealth Pro may be a suitable option for gamers looking for a versatile gaming headset with excellent sound quality and customizable features. Its compatibility with multiple platforms and swappable batteries make it convenient for extended gaming sessions. The SteelSeries Arctis Nova Pro Wireless is recommended for gamers and music enthusiasts who prioritize detailed audio settings, spatial audio, and longer battery life. Its multi-platform connectivity and sleek design make it an appealing choice for those seeking a premium wireless headset experience.