Tesla’s Rumoured New ‘Model Pi’ Expected to Impact the Smartphone Industry

Will Tesla Pi Impact the Smartphone Industry?

Whenever we hear the word tesla, the first thing that comes into our mind is sleek-looking futuristic cars electrifying our future of transportation or self-driving cars that look after themselves on the road and, of course, Elon Musk. While people are not yet over with the Tesla cars, Elon Musk is rumored to throw another bomb to the tech industry.

Rumor has it, Tesla will enter the phone industry with an innovative smartphone model named “Tesla Model Pi,” and it will totally revolutionize the smartphone industry. How is that? Well, it has got the name “Tesla” in it and behind it has Elon musk.

Current Smartphone Market

To begin, here is a quick rundown of the current state of the worldwide smartphone market.

People all across the world are increasingly reliant on their smartphones. With 912 million users, China has the world’s largest smartphone market. The US market had 270 million users, whereas India had 439 million users. According to Statista, In the second quarter of 2021, Samsung held the most significant share of the smartphone market based on sales to end-users. Samsung’s market share reached 17.6 percent during the quarter, ahead of the 15.5 percent held by Xiaomi and the 15 percent by Apple. If ever Tesla PI enters the smartphone industry, these numbers are surely going to change by a huge margin.

So why Smartphones- Elon?

Elon musk is someone who is never shy of expressing opinions. Be it supporting Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey or calling facebook “Lame.” During an interview at the Satellite 2020 conference in Washington, D.C, musk expressed his disappointment about the software updates in iPhone and how it broke his email system. As noted by Business Insider, Musk was asked during the interview about previous comments about technology declining in quality due to skills fading over time. Furthermore, Musk was specifically questioned how these comments relate to his work planning a mission to Mars.

In his answer, Musk explained that what he meant by his original comment is that technology doesn’t automatically get better every year. His specific example? Some of the recent iOS updates that “broke” his email system:

“What I was referring to is that technology does not automatically improve,” Musk said. “People are used to the phone being better every year. I’m an iPhone user, but I think some of the recent software updates have like been not great, certainly feeding into that point. It, like, broke my email system. . .which is quite fundamental.” Not sure this was the exact reason that drove musk into producing smartphones, but it may have played a major role.

How Tesla Pi Will Change the Phone Industry?

Paypal. Tesla. Space X. Dogecoin. It seems like everything Elon Musk touches turns into money and better tech for people to use in their everyday lives. When he talks, people listen. Starting from the Tesla electric cars to connecting with Starlink satellites, every technology introduced by Elon Musk got a huge acceptance from the Tesla Fans. And the community is still growing. Tesla single-handedly has paved the road for electric cars, making them an industry leader and one of the go-to brands when it comes to buying an electric car. The impact of Tesla on the automotive industry is so massive that even competitors like Volkswagen and General Motors have also started producing electric cars alongside their gas-driven cars. Porsche Taycan, Chevy Bolt, and Ford Mustang Mach-E are a few examples. 

According to Statista, Tesla’s market capitalization in 2020 was $442.7 Billion, which was two times greater than Toyota and five times greater than Volkswagen. Tesla not only makes cars, they also produce seats, glasses, brakes, and everything you would need to build a car, including chips. Since 2019, Tesla has been making their very own FSD or Fully Self-driving chip for their cars. Thus if you love tesla’s autonomous driving, it’s all possible because of that chip.

You’ll also find a beautiful touch dashboard on every Tesla car with its own software. It’s smooth, responsive, and easy to use. If Tesla decides to make a smartphone, it’ll be like a piece of cake as they already produce chips for their cars and software. They just need a futuristic design, and Antonio De Rosa, who has designed many exciting concepts for Apple products, is on it already.

If the model PI gets into the market, Tesla car owners, along with Elon’s huge community, will be looking forward to getting one, and that’s bad news for Apple and Samsung. Well, you already know the power of Elon’s Tweet. The whole stock market behaves according to his tweets, and the community follows as well. Another Interesting fact about Model PI is its features. At the end of the day, no matter how much hype a company & product has, it’ll never be sustainable if it never achieves sales.

The phone is rumored to work seamlessly with Musk’s other billion-dollar projects such as Starlink, neural link, and of course, tesla cars. It’ll also include unique features like Solar powered battery, mining of mars coin, and many more, just like Elon musk himself. With Starlink satellite internet, Tesla Pi will have a download speed of up to 210 megabits per second without using any sim. According to CNBC, “While Starlink service is still in beta, the company recently said that the network has about 90,000 users in 12 countries so far, with over half a million orders or refundable deposits placed by potential customers.

SpaceX has launched 1,740 Starlink satellites to date, with its first-generation system beginning launches in November 2019. Gen2 is planned to have nearly 30,000 satellites in total. The phone will work on its own 1500 Starlink satellite internet that will allow the users to operate it almost all over the world and even on Mars too. 

Though there are already many satellite phones like Iridium Extreme 9575 and Thuraya X5-TOUCH available on the market, Tesla Phone is possibly going to be the first satellite phone that works with Starlinkand can also be used on planet Mars. As Elon Musk is considering Colonization on Mars, Model Pi may have the capacity to perform on the red planet using the Starlink connection.

Also, other satellite phones serve only a few features, Tesla Pi will come with the more modern feature. Next, the Neurolink technology of Model Pi will read information from the head brain, and users will be able to mine Marscoin cryptocurrency with this Model Pi Smartphone. 

The phone will have a built-in Marcoin app that will help users to earn virtual currency. With this feature, Model Pi will also boost the cryptocurrency just like Paypal has done for the virtual money transaction. Lastly, the solar panels for recharging will be under the company’s logo and the model’s name. Also, the good news for the current tesla users is that the phone will be able to sync with other tesla cars.

With these features, this phone will provide an extraordinary experience to the customers that current mobile giants are unable to give. Now coming to the design, many researchers assumed that the Model Pi looks similar to iPhone 12 as it has four cameras in a square frame, and the sides are rounded with a silvery tint. 

When looking closely, we can find much difference between the Pi and Apple phones. For example, Tesla Model Pi will come with a case of photochromic coating that will change colors in sunlight. This colorful idea is also new in phones which even iPhone hasn’t cracked yet. Also, the front camera is supposed to be located under the display as the front camera wasn’t visible on the render. 

Photo Credit: Electrodealpro

Tesla Model Pi Boosting Crypto Currency

Mining Marscoin and using satellite links to mine it may have more implications with the Tesla Model Pi. You may be able to use your phone to mine other PoS and non-energy intensive PoW cryptocurrencies. Also, you could use it without the need for more accounts to stake your favorite crypto. Imagine your phone and your car communicating back and forth. For instance, your car tells you that you just received a part of a block reward or how much you’ve earned in staking fees.

On the other hand, here are three scenarios we can think of right away that the new Tesla Model Pi Phone will help crypto users: a built-in wallet that crushes ApplePay, GooglePay, and Banking Services, Contactless Gas, and Toll Payments all in One Place and Crypto Adoption Soars. Hence, it’s pretty clear that if Tesla Model Pi came on the market with the described features and designs, it would capture the market soon. 

Especially the Tesla fans who rigorously buy the Dogecoin based on a Tweet of Elon Musk are surely going to buy the Tesla Model Pi without having any doubt. And apart from that, other smartphone users may also opt for this future smartphone if Tesla provides all the expected modernized features on the phone. 

Besides, the competition will get fired in the phone industry for Tesla. And the possibility is giant phone manufacturers such as Apple and Samsung with other brands will also follow Tesla to bring something revolutionary that has roots in the future. Whatever happens, the benefits will be enjoyed by us only, and we will love to see what new revolution does tesla model pi brings.

Samiul Haque

Samiul Haque

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