Sony’s Rumored Medium Format Cameras: Trouble for Fujifilm?

Sony and Fujifilm make some of the best cameras in the world, whether it’s APS-C or Full Frame. However, till now, Fujifilm has dominated the medium format space alongside Hasselblad. Recently, rumors say Sony is developing two medium format cameras. So, what’s coming from Sony? Find out in this article!                                     

The Rumor

A few years ago, when Sony was asked if they were going to enter the medium format space or not, they said they might if they saw enough interest. What they said can be interpreted in another way, that being – “we will make medium format cameras if we see enough profit.” But with the release of the Alpha 1, Sony understood that people would buy interesting tech despite the hefty price tag, and that’s when they decided to enter the medium format space. Since then, Sony has patented a good number of lenses for medium format cameras. 

If you thought that was interesting, wait till you hear about the sensor. According to SonyAlphaRumors, Sony has submitted patents for a curved sensor. Yes, you heard that right, a curved sensor. The best part is that you’ll get full-frame cameras with this curved sensor. 

So what are the benefits? The first benefit is that you’ll get truly high-resolution photos. Also, according to the rumors, such a curved sensor design will cut the total size of the lens by 1/3rd.   

Now let’s talk about the camera itself. According to photoRumors, there’s a lot to look forward to. First of all, Sony plans on releasing two cameras, one with 150 megapixels and another with 200 megapixels. These cameras will come with the new curved sensors, but there’s a catch – you can only use prime lenses with the curved sensors. However, we see that Sony has submitted patents for only prime lenses from the filings. 

Is that a good thing or a bad thing? – that’s hard to tell. But, on the other hand, there is also news of Sony launching adapters so that you can use E-mount lenses with those medium format cameras. Furthermore, the 150-megapixel variants will cost 7,500 dollars, and the 200-megapixel will come with an unforgiving 9000 dollars price tag. 

It’s the wild west out here with all these rumors; there’s no saying which of them might see the light of day, and some won’t leave the lab. But, despite these wild rumors, since there are patents filed, we can at least hope for them. 

Will Sony’s medium format have any advantages over Fujifilm’s? Some rumors whisper that Sony’s sensor will be somewhat bigger than Fujifilm’s, but as wild as these rumors are, take it with a lot of salt. Other than that, the capabilities of a Curved CMOS sensor will be an interesting observation. Some say these cameras might get announced with the long-rumored A7R5. 

Lastly, when you consider the price of the Sony medium formats and curved sensors, will Fujifilm be in trouble? At this point, it seems like everything is riding on those curved sensors. If these cameras don’t ship with the curved sensors, it has to beat Fujifilm in other ways. If someone wants a 150-megapixel camera, they have to turn to Sony or Phase for that. So, to answer whether Fujifilm is in trouble or not, the answer would be “only time will tell.” 

Our Thought

That was all about the rumored medium format cameras from Sony – wild rumors, best not to believe, but no harm is a little bit of wishing. 

Joe Pfeffer

Joe Pfeffer

What started off as just a dream for Joe Pfeffer, turned into his passion and livelihood. He started his career as a wildlife photographer and then transitioned into becoming a cinematographer. With a decade of raw on-the-field experience, Joe Pfeffer has all the technical knowledge about the ins and outs of cameras. Now, he uses his vast experience to educate others about photography.