Should You Use a VPN? Free VPN or Paid?

Free VPN or Paid

As more or less every one of us is connected with the internet, personal information and privacy seem more vulnerable due to many companies’ continuous surveillance. There are ways of collecting your data even if you don’t share them or using incognito mode. So protecting your info has become more concerning as no one would ever want their private information to be shared on the internet and using a VPN network can do the trick for you.

It mainly masks your IP address making it an invisible source. They are of great use not only for having secured connections but also for entering sites that are being restricted for any reason. So is it really necessary to use a VPN or Virtual Private Network for surfing the internet? Read on to decide whether you should go for a free VPN or use the paid versions instead.

Before you start buying a VPN subscription, let’s have a quick peek at how VPN actually saves our data from others. It uses an encrypted connection before transmitting your data, which cannot be decrypted by any third party or hacker. That is because the encryption VPN uses, is military graded and even the supercomputer would take years to decode it.

While you are working on the move, connecting to a public network for the internet would seem more convenient. But it is full of risks as you never know who is creating the network and also you can’t control the security standards of a public Wi-Fi network but surely a VPN can. This will shield your sensitive data and restrain access from others.

Whenever you get yourself connected to the internet, your internet service provider gets full access to the sites you visit. They get access to your information even if you are surfing on incognito mode. Many Internet service providers sell this data to earn extra money.

But with a VPN, your personal data will stay safe. Before sending your data to the ISP, VPN masks your IP address using a remote server that completely hides your information. Using a proper VPN means complete anonymity online and whoever is keeping attention to your internet activity can not see what you’re doing or where you’re located.

Should You Use a VPN

Along with protecting your personal information, the virtual private network allows you to access websites and content from around the world. That means you can gain access to shows, movies, or sports that are available in other nations but not in your native country. Moreover, if you tend to travel a lot, this will ensure you get full access to the internet even if that country’s Internet is heavily censored.

To ensure the full security of your privacy, VPN has become a crucial part, but is it worthy enough to spend some extra bucks on it? As there are so many free VPNs available, you might never even think of buying the paid versions. While free ones also protect your privacy from others who want to steal your personal data, they might not be as safe as other networks.

Many VPNs collect your own personal information such as your preferences, visited sites, search and browsing histories and sell them to other companies without even taking your permission. So in one sense, using a free VPN does the same by leaking your personal data which you might not like.

In that case, there are so many VPN options available that will give you higher security protocols, unlimited bandwidth, and high-speed internet at a much lower price. They will let you pay in your most preferable way. Moreover, for people who don’t want to share any of their identities with a VPN, they can look for networks that accept anonymous payments.

If you are looking for a trusted and verified VPN that provides higher security protocols then you can go for NordVPN, WeVPN, surfShark VPN, and many more. In a world full of insecurities due to inherently risky WiFi networks and data mining companies who are always running after your personal info, getting a VPN to ensure the full safety of your privacy is a must. So even if it costs a little, the way it saves your information from intruders is totally worth it.

That was all about the Virtual Private Network or in other words VPN that ensures full safety for your personal data. As of now, it is you who shall decide which one you should go for, as you know the pros and cons of both the paid and unpaid versions.

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