Sapphire Screen Protector for iPhone 14 Series

Sapphire Screen Protector for iPhone 14 Series

Imagine, getting a new iPhone and somehow you managed to get scratches or small cracks on its original display. It’s almost like you’re worst nightmare is coming true. Right? Accidents happen no matter how carefully you handle your pricey and delicate smartphone. If you want to keep that gorgeous display free from scratches and cracks you need a high-quality and premium screen protector. 

The iPhone 14 series comes with a strong Ceramic Shield over its display panel for protection. This ceramic shield offers four times better drop protection than older iPhone models and is more durable than other smartphone glass. However, your iPhone could have the most resilient display or have the best drop protection but even the greatest glass and components can’t ensure that your phone’s display won’t break or crack when it collides with concrete. A screen protector prevents your iPhone’s display from shattering by absorbing the force of impact. Additionally, it saves you from paying a massive price to get your screen fixed.

Screen protectors are an essential accessory for iPhones as they provide good fall protection and make it less prone to scratch. Meet the Sapphireman Sapphire Screen Protector for iPhone 14 Pro Max that boasts unique scratch resistance and prevents cracks and other breakages.

Sapphireman Screen Protector Review

Investing in a good screen protector will go a long way in keeping your expensive investment protected and damage-free for years to come. Thus, you need a screen protector that would withstand many bumps and drops, just like the Sapphireman Sapphire Screen Protecto. All Sapphireman Sapphire products are 99.99% pure synthetic sapphire.


Material: Tempered Glass

Item Hardness: Mohs 9

Product Dimensions: 6.2″L x 2.94″W

Compatible Phone Models: iPhone 14 Pro Max

Special Feature: Scratch Resistant

Finish Type: Glossy

Unit Count: 1 Count

Screen Size: 6.7 Inches


This screen protector possesses an excellent level of hardness and scratch resistance. This Sapphireman Screen Protector boasts a resistance rating of 9 on the Mohs scale of hardness. And just like any other screen protector, this one features an AF (Anti-Fingerprint) coating.

This means objects like glass, keys, pebbles, and sand, that can harm the screen of your phone, won’t be able to damage your Sapphireman Sapphire screen. Moreover, diamonds have a Mohs hardness of 10. So it’s safe to say that the sapphire protector has super scratch resistance, second only to diamond. Moreover, it’s built with the best mobile phone screen protector material like Sapphire, glue, and AF, which is 99.99% pure synthetic sapphire. 


Unlike other cheap quality screen protectors offers low friction which would result in accurate operation and provide a wonderful gaming experience. It also has excellent stain resistance.

While using this screen protector you would notice it has a natural ice feel thanks to its super heat dissipation quality. The Sapphireman Screen Protector has 20 times more heat dissipation capacity than tempered glass.

Sapphire Screen Protector for iPhone 14 Series


The Sapphireman Screen Protector is very easy to install as it comes with precise measurements for the perfect fit. And removing this protector is also very easy, you just need to disassemble it slowly from one corner to the other. Normally, all Sapphireman Screen Protectors are .23mm thick. So, this ultra-thin layer will be unnoticeable as possible so the screen clarity is unaffected. Its shiny, smooth surface will allow users to easily operate their phones without sticking.

Our Takeaway

Sapphireman Screen Protector does a great job at protecting your iPhone 14 pro max’s display from scratches and cracks. Investing in a good quality screen protector is a much better option than paying Apple hundreds of dollars to fix a broken screen. From scratch resistance to unique heat dissipation features everything makes Sapphireman Screen Protector a great option for your iPhone 14 pro max.

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