Samsung S-Pen vs Apple Pencil: Head to Head Comparison

Samsung S-Pen vs Apple Pencil

Getting a stylus with your tablets surely boosts your productivity as they make most of your jobs easier. And, if you tend to take notes or love to draw too often, certainly a stylus pen is a must. As for the pen, you might wonder which one you should get for the best experience. Undoubtedly, the S-pen from Samsung and Apple pencil offers features and performance like no other stylus pen in the market. These pens are sure to give you a proper handwriting experience. Though Samsung’s S-pen and Apple pencil work on two different operating systems, their performance makes them the best in their class. But which one performs better in head-to-head comparison? Let’s find out.

Samsung has been developing their Stylus pen for quite some time now, and they have provided so much since the first launch, which was released with their famous note series. Though Apple was a bit late with their pen release, they have been able to compete head to head with Samsung by creating the Apple pencil. Samsung stays a bit ahead of Apple from the start as they provide the S-pen with most of their devices, whereas you need to buy the Apple pencil externally to avail it.

Design and Housing

Talking about the design, the Apple pencil is a bit bigger forming the shape of an actual pencil. In addition, it comes with a blunt tip that makes it quite perfect for sketches and casual drawings. The same goes for the S-pen as it resembles a pen having a ballpoint tip and you would find it quite comfortable in the hand while writing or taking notes. Both of them magnetically attach to the tablet, but attaching the Apple pencil seems more convenient as it can easily be kept on top of the tablet. But attaching the S-pen with Tab S7 Plus can get a bit troublesome as you need to attach it on the back. Though you can also attach it on either side of the tablet, it won’t charge at that point.

Pressure Sensitivity

Writing with both the pen is ultra-responsive, having a 9 millisecond response time, and the pressure sensitivity is quite accurate. You can darken or lighten the shades quite conveniently while taking notes or drawings. And, you also get a half tilt feature with the pens for the best handwriting experience. So, certainly, Samsung and Apple worked hard to make their stylus feel like an actual pen.

Shortcut Buttons

Now, let’s find out which one offers more features in terms of daily usage. With the Apple Pencil, you get a touch sensor within your fingertips for multiple functionalities. A quick double-tap on the sensor will let you easily switch between different options. On the contrary, the S-pen comes with a physical button and needs to be pressed for operating different features. You can also customize them according to your choice based on multiple tappings.

Note-taking Experience

You can write notes with both pens, even if the tab screens are locked. Double tapping on the iPad with the Apple pencil would pop up a note whereas the S-pen’s button needs to be pressed and then double-tap on the screen. Apart from these, the S-pen also offers some more features compared to the Apple pencil. You can take quick notes with popped-up windows on top of other apps, change its transparency as well for seeing the application’s content. For quick translating any text, simply grab it with the S-pen and translate it to your preferred language. It also allows you to take quick screenshots by sliding the pen from one corner to another. Though you can also take screenshots with an Apple pencil, it is not as convenient as Samsung’s stylus.

Do You Need to Charge Your Stylus Pen?

Both the pens can be charged wirelessly, but the S-pen has major advantages in this aspect. It comes with Qualcomm’s latest technology that doesn’t require any charge for writing on the tablet. The juice that it collects is for performing other Bluetooth featured tasks. Conversely, you can not use the Apple pencil without having enough juice in it. So you need to make sure your Apple pencil is charged before using it. Surely, this is a massive benefit of having an S-pen rather than the Apple pencil.

Is S Pen or Apple Pencil Compatible with Other OS?

Suppose you own both the Galaxy Tab and iPad, you would undoubtedly want a single pen to work on both devices. Samsung’s s pen gives you the opportunity to use your stylus on both Android or iOS platforms. No matter if you have an android tablet or iOS, the S-pen works perfectly, but while using it on an iPad, you might lack the features an Apple pencil would provide. On the contrary, you will not be able to connect an Apple pencil to any other device except for the Apple devices. This surely limits your usage and forces you to get an external stylus if you have multiple OS devices.


So, overall, it seems Samsung’s S-pen offers more to its consumers as it’s been available on the market for quite a time, and still, there are some features Apple needs to improve and bring up to its pencil. Every year Samsung seems to upgrade its stylus, whereas Apple hasn’t provided many upgrades to the Apple pencil. So undoubtedly, the S pen wins the race competing with the Apple pencil in terms of features and performance. However, they both offer features like no other stylus pen in the market, and, to get the best stylus that gives you a more paper pen-like writing experience, you have to go for these two styluses.

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