Samsung M8 Monitor vs Apple Studio Display: Which One is Best?

Samsung M8 Monitor Vs Apple Studio Display

The Samsung M8 Smart Monitor is a feature-packed display that can be used for content creation as well as consumption. It is stylish, has quite a big screen size, and acceptable HDR performance that makes it versatile. However, there is another awesome display that lives up to this criteria. Apple’s recently launched Studio Display is a color-accurate monitor with a minimal yet sturdy design for creators as well as consumers.

Samsung M8 Monitor vs Apple Studio Display

In this article, we will be comparing these two monitors to help you decide which one you should choose.

Design & Features

Samsung M8 Monitor

Design-wise, the M8 Monitor looks super sleek. The 32-inch expansive screen has very thin bezels, giving users plenty of real screen states to work with. However, the overall size of the monitor demands plenty of desk space, so it can be challenging to fit this monitor in space-constrained environments. Another limitation of the M8 is its “not-so-adjustable” stand that can only be tilted and height adjusted.

It comes in four color variants that include White, Blue, Pink, and Green. With these light color codes, it seems like Samsung has taken inspiration from the latest iMacs. 

Additional design perks include a detachable camera, Dual stereo speaker, and USB-C connectivity that does make this monitor quite wholesome.

Apple Studio Display

Apple Studio Display, on the other hand, gets rid of the space demand issue, given its 27-inch of reasonable screen size. However, the bezels are not as thin as it is with the M8, which makes it appear a little chonky. The base model comes with a tilt-adjustable stand, and you have to pay 400 dollars extra to get the height-adjustable one. 

The front-facing 12 Megapixel camera with Apple’s Center Stage feature makes it amazing for virtual meetings and video calls. Moreover, it also has a total of 6 Speakers with high-fidelity audio output and force-canceling woofers for an immersive listening experience. Ports include 3 USB-C and 1 Thunderbolt 3 port on the back. The Thunderbolt 3 port supports 96 Watt host charging to power up smartphones and other accessories really fast. 


When it comes to the panels, the Studio Display shines the brightest. This 27-inch display from Apple is rocking a 5K Retina Panel with their True Tone Technology and wider P3 coverage. In addition, it can get as bright as 600nits which lets users put more attention to detail while editing or watching content.

As for the Samsung M8, it has a native resolution of 3,840 x 2,160p with HDR10+ support and 99% sRGB color coverage. Combined, the monitor does make those colors pop on high-res contents. Apart from that, the VA panel on this thing has a peak brightness of 400 nits which is lower compared to the Studio Display.

Our Takeaways

If you can do just about right with 4K and plenty of smart features that Samsung has to offer, then the M8 Smart Monitor is a no-brainer. And if you can care less about the price and aim for the best, then you should go for the Apple Studio Display. So that was all about the Samsung M8 Vs Apple Studio Display debate. 

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