Samsung Galaxy Watch 4 Classic: What to Expect?

Samsung galaxy watch 4 classic

Samsung galaxy watch 4 has been on top of the hype for the last few months, and rumors about this new device haven’t stopped appearing. The recent leaked pictures of the watches suggest a lot about its possible design and features. The new watch is expected to come up with new health sensors as well. Also, there are rumors about a classic variant of galaxy watches to be available. Before the watch is officially launched, let’s find out what to expect from the upcoming device.

91mobiles shared some exclusive pictures of the upcoming galaxy watch, and from the pictures, it seems like the rotating bezel is gone. They seem more like a combination of the galaxy watch 4 and active 4. Samsung might merge the two watch variants and bring up a whole new design. The watch looks quite sleek and stylish with a decent look overall.

But that’s not the end, as the latest pictures posted by the Android Headlines suggest a new classic variant of the galaxy watch 4 will be coming. These variants are likely to have the rotating bezel and a bit higher price tag compared to the regular watch 4. The classic variants are not a new term to the galaxy watch series, as Samsung used to have classic variants of its previous predecessors. It seems like Samsung is thinking of bringing up the classics with their upcoming watch 4. The news also shares that the watch 4 classic is likely to have three sizes, 42, 44, and 46mm whereas the regular watch 4 will be available in two different sizes, 42 and 44mm.

Both watches will be featuring a BIA or Bio-Electrical Impedance Analysis sensor. This sensor will help you to measure your body fat percentages by releasing a small voltage of current throughout your body. With this sensor, you will be able to keep proper track of your health and exercise based on its report. Now let’s talk about the Operating system that might come up with the two watches. We already know Samsung is working with Google for bringing up the Google wearOS to the snuff and make it more optimized for the galaxy watches. So it is almost certain that the new galaxy watch 4 and watch 4 classics will feature the latest waerOS. But one thing that is disappointing for the previous galaxy watch users is that they won’t be able to use this new wearOS, rather they would remain stuck in the TizenOS. In their mobile world congress event, Samsung said that they would provide updates for TizenOS for the next three years, which means surely they are not planning to make the wearOS available to the previous watches. One reason behind doing this could be forcing the consumers to buy the latest watch 4.

Though there isn’t much news about the price tag of the two watches, the classic version will have more features and a higher price tag. In contrast, the watch 4 will be focused more on health tracking capabilities and accuracy featuring a lower price tag. Samsung is likely to unveil these two new watch models in their august launching event along with the Galaxy Z Fold 3. So we won’t have to wait much longer before we get these premium watches in our hands. And, with all these new features and upgrades, it will surely be a watch worth buying.

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