Samsung Permanently Discontinues the Galaxy Note Series

Samsung Galaxy Note

Samsung’s most premium Galaxy Note series has always been a fan favorite, and the smartphone lineup stands out from other smartphones in many ways. Their last offering was the galaxy Note 20 Ultra in 2020, which still stays amongst the top-notch smartphones. But since then, Samsung didn’t introduce the next-generation version of it. Rather they seem to have ditched this premium model for good. However, there were also rumors of the smartphone being skipped only for the year 2021 due to supply constraints, so, many of us were hoping to see at least one Note smartphone before it ends up gone forever. So, will Samsung launch the popular Note series again? Or is it done and dusted? Read on to find out. 

Fate of the Samsung Galaxy Note Lineup

With the announcement of the S-pen being compatible with the Galaxy S series, it seemed obvious that sooner or later the Note series will be gone, as previously the Stylus Pen was exclusive to the Note phone. Moreover, people were into the Note series due to its excellent multi-tasking performance which drew in a lot of businessmen. But Samsung hasn’t let its fans down. Rather, they introduced the Galaxy Z Fold 3 with massive upgrades and made it quite optimized for an enhanced multitasking experience. Besides, the new Z Fold 3 also comes with a dedicated stylus to increase your overall productivity. Overall, Samsung has already built a product that could quite possibly fulfill the need of the Note series and yet offer a bigger screen as well. So, what is the fate of Samsung’s most fan-favorite flagship phone?

According to a popular South Korean media portal ETNews, Samsung Electronics is to discontinue producing the Galaxy Note series, and they have excluded the series from the annual smartphone production plan in 2022. So overall, there’s no sign of Samsung planning to launch any new models for the Note series. Apart from this, Samsung is likely to promote their foldable smartphones more. And, for that, they had to compromise with the Note series and make the foldable smartphone their main concern.

Is This the End for the Galaxy Note?

Not likely, as we might not totally lose the Note series. According to leaked renders, Samsung is likely to unveil the upcoming Galaxy S22 Ultra with the same form factor as the Note series smartphones. The new phone might offer all the high-end features that we were used to seeing on the Galaxy Note. And, most importantly, unlike the S21 Ultra, Samsung will be offering the S-Pen along with their new phone, and there will be a dedicated slot for housing the stylus. So, it’s likely that we might see the upcoming S22 Ultra with a similar footprint as the Note series.

Besides, the Note series was more famous due to its multi-tasking capabilities and you can choose the Z Fold smartphone instead that offers more opportunities with a bigger screen when unfolded. This phone can surely deliver a tablet-like experience in a much compact form factor.

But even with all the available options, it seems that the Note series is still irreplaceable. Samsung should have provided a fan edition version of their most popular flagship before they discontinued it for good. However, based on the leaked design and rumors, the Galaxy S22 Ultra is shaping up to be the perfect replacement for the Note 22. So, you can get the S22 Ultra and think of it as your very own Note smartphone.

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