Rockpals 250-watt Portable Power Station Review

Rockpals 250-watt Power Station Review

We all love to spend our time in nature so that we can unwind our minds from all of our urban problems. But we are so accustomed to our urban life that it becomes harder for us while spending time in nature. However, thanks to the lithium-ion battery revolution, now we can take part of our urban convenience into nature. The market is filled with portable electric power stations. Even some portable electric power stations can generate power from solar energy, fulfilling the dream of off-the-grid living.

As a travel enthusiast, I always look out for products that can be of help in my outdoor and camping trips. Besides, most travelers carry camera gear, a drone, a laptop, or any other electronic device. All of these devices need charging from time to time to keep them up and running. However, electricity is not available everywhere, and the alternative is to carry a portable power station. 

Perhaps, you have read our review on the iMuto S5 portable power station and a massive 400,000 mAh MAXOAK Bluetti power generator. Similarly, we have reviewed the Rockpals 250-watt portable power station in this article. It is suitable for camping, outdoor trips, and even in the city. Rockpals is a relatively new company that is committed to innovating quality products for people who have a passion for outdoor life. They manufacture portable power stations, solar panels, and portable power generators. The Rockpals 250-watt portable power generator is both lightweight and packs a powerful battery. Rockpals offers 6 other power stations from 100-watt to 500-watt.

As you can see, it is packed very well. On the side, you will find the charging power brick on a box. The box also contains a user manual, car charger, cigarette lighter plug. Let’s get the power station out of the box. The Rockpals 250-watt power station weighs around 5.5 pounds, which is very lightweight for a power station with over 64,000 mAh capacity.

This power station has a rectangular shape, and there is also a handle placed on top that makes it easier to carry. On the side, there are 5 small LCD lights that indicate how much charge is remaining on the battery so you can tell when you need to recharge the power station. For someone who has already used Bluetti and iMuto s5, this feels like a downgrade. Because both Bluetti and S5 are packed with an LCD display where I was able to see exactly how much charge is left. Although, this does not affect the performance in any way, so not a big issue I suppose. If you want an LCD display, you can go for any of the other power stations from Rockpals. 

On the right side of the power station, there is the power on/off switch. That does not need much explanation. There is a cooling vent to cool the internal parts so that it does not overheat. If you look down, you will find 4 DC outputs. The DC outputs can charge any device up to 60W. 

Now let’s move onto the left side of the power station; two powerful AC output ports can charge devices up to 250W. But if the power exceeds 250W, the power station will be in protection mode to protect your device from any accidents. Beneath the AC outputs, 2 USB-A ports can charge all your USB devices rapidly. Besides the USB ports, a DC input port is helpful to charge the power station. You can charge this power station from both the wall socket and solar panel. 

The RockPals 250-watt features pure sine wave technology that safely powers electronic devices by producing clean, stable electricity that is just as dependable and safe as the power you get from home. So, you don’t need to worry about safety while charging with the power station from solar panels. It also increases the efficiency of solar charging, allowing the power station to charge up faster.

Overall, the Rockpals 250W power station is a great source of power. But the lack of a PD port can cause a headache when you are in a power outage and can’t find a source to charge your USB-C smartphones or laptops. Maybe the AC ports can charge those devices, but they won’t be able to power as fast as a PD port. Comparing it with the iMuto s5, it wins on power capacity and portability with its massive battery and rectangular shape. But the Rockpals 250W falls short on power ports because the iMuto s5 offers more charging options than this one cannot. But it is still a great price for a performance device. I don’t think putting it up against the MaxOak would be fair because the difference between these two is huge in size and power capacity.

This portable power station is priced at around 200 dollars, which is very cheap compared to other power stations with the same battery. You can take this power station with you on your camping and outdoor trips or anywhere else where you are short on power. I was able to charge my smartphones, cameras, action camera, drones, and laptop. This portable power station can also power tablets, TV, fan, lights, and even CPAP machines when electricity is down in emergencies. If you want more power, you can always check out other power stations from Rockpals. Or if you don’t like their line of products, there are other companies like Goal Zero and Jackery. Jackery and Goal Zero manufacture powerful portable power stations for camping and outdoor purposes or even at home use in emergency situations. Their products are top-notch in terms of quality, power, and convenience. But in my opinion, Rockpals 250-watt is the best budget power station available on the market which will provide you good value.

Samiul Haque

Samiul Haque

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